The Ormes Temple opens her doors to invite an array of Tantra Priestesses and Priests of Divine Wisdom and Energy:

 We have currently begun the process of revamping our board of directors, advisors and associate community of supporting advocates,
Women and Men commited to the healing/empowering/awakening/enlightening and evolutionary process now occurring on our Divine Planet.

Ask and it shall be given. Seek and it shall be found. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. This new call has been announced in thi "NOW", let them come.

With so much to bake, much is still in the oven. However, bask upon what is available, and continue to check back.

Meanwhile, if you are feeling a click with this calling, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you, that you may be here to complete your call! WE ARE ONE!   

Woman, Man, Both, Family, Community and Nation: Ormes Temple reaches out to assist in the awakening and celebration of our newly evolving state of being in form, through the processes of Integral Practices of the Ancient and contemporary Sacred Life Sciences and Arts .


Each of us comes with our Divinely inspired aspirations and gifts creating a renewed body of ONE.

 Please stay tuned as we develop this page, showing key members and their contributions. (Soon to be published here.)


MaKRSTN AlecSandRa-Bray, Mother/Founder and Head Ministering Priestess of the Ormes Temple, the Axim Temple of Light within Each of Us: Sharing Sacred Life

Sciences and Arts including Integral/Tantra Yoga and other related modalities from the deep past to the current reawakenings and developments, all to assist and


 celebrate the awakening evolution now taking place on our Beloved Planet.

We stand as ONE, Promoting Re-Union with the Passions and Joys of Life: Such is the Expression of Divine Love!