Krystan brings the "Ormes Temple" to as the Trybal Queen speaks about Tantra 



CLICK HERE: Krystan Speaks about Primary Elements of Creation for the Hue-man experience

CLICK HERE: Krystan Speaks about the Swadhisthana Chakra

CLICK HERE: Krystan reviews the first two chakras and introduces the Manipura, (3rd) Chakra, completing the introduction to the "Lower Worlds."

CLICK HERE: To hear Krystan describe and demonstrate a basic fundamental Pranayamic Breath Technique

CLICK HERE: Krystan explains the spiritual god/goddess concept of Tantra

CLICK HERE: Krystan explains god/goddess concept related to the Holy Bible: Book of John

CLICK HERE: Krystan discusses the loss of matriarch element in divinity manifests as inbalance in physical form and physical life. Balance of the two complimenting elements, god and goddess is the Tantric underlying concept of creativity and manifestation.

CLICK HERE: Krystan discusses the reality of our androgynous existence

Krystan discusses the profound benefits of the Tantric Path in healing and empowerment

Krystan has updated her video information now available on this site. For those of you who have been patiently waiting, Krystan Speaks More ABout Tantra on her own Video's Page:
Click here for more on Krystan's own video's page!

Some of the Trybal Queen's Favorite Videos
on Tantra and Tantra Related Subjects
Be sure to share videos you would like to see included on this site. Send them to me today!
Remember, if you keep all the cake for yourself, you'll just get really FAT!

"Jaiya"  New Age Sex Educator speaks on Female Ejaculation

"Jaiya" New Age Sex Educator speaks on the many different types of male "orgasms" and "orgasmic states" 

Painful Child birth has been imposed upon women for centuries through the patriarchal system of reversed truths. It has been handed down to women as a punishment and a convincing of the feminine sinful nature.

In fact, it has been re-discovered that child birth should, scientifically and technically be "Orgasmic."

Men, if you love your goddess, don't let her miss this. The Ormes Temple will work with you both, in instruction and coaching. We are here to assist you in your journey to enlightened heightened intimacy and ecstasy in this incredible gift of life in the world of form, our physical vessles.  We are here to assure the best in your relationship, by reversing the distortion of mis-information and trauma this system has left in us all. We don''t have to live this way. If we have a choice, why would we choose to suffer in pain, guilt, shame, anger, hatred? All these things are not of our pure nature. Let us re-member and embrace Life with Love and Gratitude.

Contact the Trybal Queen, MaKrystan today.  703-915-9178

Ormes Temple is dedicated to bringing the truth about Child Birth to the forefront, and to work to establish the educational and health/wellness programs we need to assure our goddesses and the lives they nurture, birth and continue to support, the very best in their Life Experiences from the very point of origin. Join us, please, won't you?

Together we stand, ever One-D'er-Full! 

MaKrystan, The Trybal Queen


These area all Wonderful guided Meditations!
Choose and listen to your selection once or twice a day, to start your
day and/or to close your day. It's sure to shift your
reality, bringing you into a realized state of
Collective/Connectivity and PEACE.
I think you'll love this. Be sure to let me
know what you think!

A Word From Your Trybal Queen:  The ultimate and true meditation is done in silence, so that you can be totally aware of your inner essence, my Beloved Goddesses and Gods. When your Kundalini awakens and your Crown opens Its 1000 petals, you will be drenched with Divine Life Energy. This is the True Multi-Orgasmic Experience. When you experience it, you will be able to enjoy it in your intimacies, within Self and Collective Self, shared. You will find this to be the greatest experience and not always depending on sex at all. It is Divinity in Motion, the presence of the "Shekinah." Believe me when I say, nothing, and I do mean Nothing Compares! 


This is the place where your desires and wants, the lusts we have been associating with love, transcend to True and Divine Love, which from the center of self is Selfless, becoming no thing to experience all things. It is this transcendence that produces the incredble endowment of Life Energy you know as the "Multi-Orgasmic Experience. While being ecstatically pleasurable in it's essential effect, it is a renewing of Life force, feeding the process of letting go first, or Fore-giving that which obstructs your bliss, peace and joy and subjects one to more relentless consequenses of Karma, the Divine expression of objective Love, or reciprosity, on the negative end of its polar nature. It swings the pendelum to the positive end, heightening the overall life experience, promoting strength, vitality, healing and renewing of life in endless measure. 


This is the place where your desires and wants, the lusts we have been associating with love, transcend to True and Divine Love, which from the center of self is Selfless, becoming no thing to experience all things. It is this transcendence that produces the incredble endowment of Life Energy you know as the "Multi-Orgasmic Experience. While being ecstatically pleasurable in it's essential effect, it is a renewing of Life force, feeding the process of letting go first, or Fore-giving that which obstructs your bliss, peace and joy and subjects one to more relentless consequenses of Karma, the Divine expression of objective Love, or reciprosity, on the negative end of its polar nature. It swings the pendelum to the positive end, heightening the overall life experience, promoting strength, vitality, healing and renewing of life in endless measure. 


INTRODUCING "CAPTAIN QUANTUM" Check out the Documentary clips on "WHAT THE BLEEP....DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE" A collection of 14 professional Quantum Physics Masters and others in related fields of interest. This is an entertaining easy to understand explanation of Quantum Mechanics discoveries that will shake your reality up and assist you in reforming your perceptions of reality, putting you back in touch with the powerful God Essence Within. CLICK HERE

This clip shows how we are hard wired in our nervous system to attract respond to certain circumstances programmed into us from prior experiences. This leads to emotional addictions that trap us. This understanding is fundamental to learning to release these unwanted patterns in our lives. CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE: For Dr.Joe Dispenza's "When I Create My Day" suggested affirmation. Powerful!

CLICK HERE: For Dr.Joe Dispenza's documentary on "The Brain" 1 of 3 (Be sure to check out the other two, either through this site or once out on youtube, through this link.

CLICK HERE: For Dr, Joe Dispenza's documentary, "The Brain" part 2 of 3

CLICK HERE: For Dr. Joe Dispenza's documentary on "The Brain" part 3 of 3 Frontal Lobe the alter on which we place our offering of thought to be made mainifest!

CLICK HERE: For "Quantum Factor" a 27 minute documentary with Dr.Joe Dispenza: using brain power to change lives. Refers to Rantha School of Enlightenment.

This Video, Above: Begins the story of Shekmet, Goddess of Righteousness or Maat. To finish listening to the story, follow this link out onto youtube and continue watching. 


I suggest that before you click the provided link, that you pull up a chair, or get comfortably seated on a cushion, matt or blanket on the floor in a lotus position. The most important thing is that your spine is erect and you are comfortable. The video is only a few minuets long. After it completes, spend a few moments inside your Queedom or Kingdom, just being there, as a witness. Just relax and witness what comes up for you. When you are ready, welcome yourself back into the active world.

This video contains tones in it that resonate through your being, lifting you to heighten states.

It is especially wonderful to restore your peace and focus. 


About the Video to Your Left

The Video Above: Makes a stark comparison between scientific findings and the same yoga teachings of the ancient sciences in their spirituality. Discovering that the genetic makeup itself, doesn't control the body, but that something beyond that controls the genetic makeup leads us back in a complete circle to the understanding the conscious/energy, the god/goddess element described, approached and worked through in the Kriya/Tantra teachings is actually how healing and empowerment happens for us, right here and now, in the hue-man form, vessel or grail! This is amazing date to take in, considering the ways in which it can "in-form" our BEing....from "Victim" to "Master!"    


Visit with Swami Rama Himalayas for Tantra Teachings to help develop your understanding. CLICK HERE: And then click on the Title on the new opening page, to view contents of the "Feeds"

The Video Above: Gregg Braden, a renowned scientist shares his realization of holography. In his words, "There's only one of us here." In other words, "We are ONE. each of us part of a Greater Body, a connected collection of ONE Living Entity, some of us call God. We highly recommend you follow this link out on to youtube and check out more of Gregg Braden's work. You'll love it!

Calling on GODDESS SEKHMET: (Goddess Living Life Force designated to this planet, Earth, to enliven according to LOVE, Righteousness, her Divine Sister "MAAT": Sekmet is destroyer of all evil, outdated, and producing life force of evolving wonder, within us and around us.  She clears the cource of obstruction and brings restoration, even of MAAT, to this planet once again. Join us in this chant, at least once each day for 7 days straight. When ever you start this, your concentrated and dedicated constancy is sure to affect the life vibration on our planet and in your own life in great amazing ways. Bear witness with us. Let us hear from you. Report your responses in having done this.  Thanks to The Royal Matri-Ark Society and our Divine SiStar Nailah Oseye for posting this wonderful dua.


Dr. Joy Davidson: Reveals the secrets behind sustained sexual ecstasy for me, stayed off ejaculation, full body and multi orgasmic experiences. This is a must see! Dr. Davidson's presentation is complete and really gives you something to work with. CLICK HERE:

The above link was thoughtfully submitted by one of our Ormes Temple Members. Here's what he had to say about it.

"The explanation that Dr. Joy provides helped me to connect the phenomenon of "wet dreams" with masturbation and shame which drives adolescent males to lose a critical sense of nuance in their sexuality. Ironically, she states that masturbation is now a critical skill to help males reverse the negative conditioning of climax driven intercourse.  I refer to this because I believe males have a leadership role to play in taking responsibility for their physical power over women"

NO doubt she covers the material exceptionally well, in dispelling old fears, myths, and habits. Her straight forward easy to understand presentation is sure gain great mileage in the healing of intimacy matters that until recently, have been so embaressing to discuss that relationships have died for the lack of it. Men, it's time to stop the suffering!

A Word From Krystan: The beautiful Dr. Joy describes the basic exercises that are fundamental to the Tantric Way leading to the same multi-orgasmic experience and more. She uses body part terms when leading you to understand where to focus your energy, instead of focusing on the chakras. In focusing on the chakras you will accomplish the same results plus freeing your being of old distrorted energy patterns, toxins and blockages in your bodie's memory cells throughout. You will also begin to strengthen your own channels that carry and distribute healthy life energy, thus adding the benefit of even more powerful experiences and assisting your body's natural healing element, reducing the tendencies towards inguries, disease and aging. It is my opinion that our beautiful Doctor brings an enhancement to the overall learning process for those of us beginning the Tantric Path with the interest of experiencing a more powerful love experience, physically. Integrating her teachings into your path is a definite plus, especially in the beginning stages. Let me hear from you.     

CLICK HERE: For Lynn McTaggert on understanding Quantum Physics and what it means in our lives 1 of 2 parts

CLICK HERE: For Lynn McTaggert on Quantum Physics reciprocity, intuition and quantum connective consciousness, what is prayer and more : Part 2 of 2

CLICK HERE: For to hear from the Quantum Masters. A comprehensive collection of Quantum Theories and Realizations.

CLICK HERE FOR: Paramahansa Nithyananda on Raghupati Yoga for the body

CLICK HERE FOR: Paramahansa Nithyananda: Deeper Truths

CLICK HERE FOR: Paramahansa Nithyananda Life Bless Meditation technique:

As Paramahansa Nithyananda points out, we are generally discouraged from enjoying our own right to experience pleasure from the very onset of our physical lives, as babies; when we stick thumbs or toes in the mouth, this is a time that we are exploring the enjoyment of pleasurable feeling in the body. Yet, we are immediately reprimanded and forbidden the activity. Infant Massage is a good way to introduce baby to acceptable and healthy experience of physical body pleasure. At the same time it introduces the baby to its right to decide what it wants and enjoys and when, and when or what not. This is early instatement of healthy and acceptable bodily joy as well as instatement of the right to choose. For more on infant massage, contact Krystan today, and set up a private course to help you introduce your baby to this wonderful healthy modality. Krystan is certified in Infant Massage since 1995. Arra ngements for appointments are best made by phone: Call Krystan at:  703-915-9178: Infant massage courses usually involve four sessions, an hour each at a total suggested donation of $250.00  : Infant Massage helps ease growing pains, bronchial conjestions, cholic, anxieties, and helps heighten the immune system, stimulate neuropathic, cardiovasular and structural body growth, and encourages a strong bond between baby and parents or any of the care-givers sharing the massage experience with the baby. 

Paramahansa Nithyananda: Awakening the Shakra


Most of this series consists of short comical videos that makes all the sense in the world. Let Guru Puppetji entertain you with his humorous presentation of spiritual common sense. Great for when you need to just lighten up! But, watch everything as you get the chance. You'll love them all!

CLICK the link:


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Yantra and Mantra: Sri Vidya Tripura Tantra Yoga Meditation - More amazing video clips are a click away

CLICK the white content line above, only after carefully reading the info below. 

This meditation video contatin a powerful Mantra. See it below. To be used with the highest responsibility! 

Powerful Mantra: "Ka e i la hrim * Ha sa ca ha la hrim * Sa ka la hrim"

Mantra repeats 108 times: Means "to bring into manifestation" : Can be used in the purity of Powerful "White Tantra" when, at the height of the ecstatic wave, reciting this mantra, while holding in consciousness that which you desire to pull to you, you set into action the magnetic attraction to draw it to you. Remember, each time you make love, you give birth to something.

Warning: Please use this powerful tool responsibly. Remember the law of Reciprosity is always in effect. If you are trying to force someone's will, it is likely that you will be the one to become bound. Then what? If you are chanting for destructive purposes, I will remind you what my mother use to always say, "Dig a whole for one, and it is you, if not your child, who before your very eyes, will fall into it!" Think about that before you go swinging wrath around. It's tempting to the ego, but destructive to the soul and to your life! Remember that the Universe has made an escape for you, in which you are totally protected. "Vengence is Mine," Sayeth the Lord. Allow the Universe to take care of that or those who have wronged you. Remember, you don't know the whole of the situation that tips the scales in warrented reciprosity. The Universe is ALL KNOWING! Give love to those or that which wrongs you. In doing so, you will dismiss your own inner demons that are the root cause for the external play at hand. In dismissing those inner demons, you deminish the power to continue to effect you with their nonsence! Love, Beloved, just Love, and let the Universe balance the scales. Believe me, I know this works. In most cases, you may even be blessed to see the Universe's Reciprosity in action, as you remain at the side lines, basking in your own self made Divine Love materials of absolute bliss. 

THIS IS A VERY POWERFUL MANTRA: "The power of life and death is in the tongue" Swami Ramahimalyas says that the tongue inhabits both cebral thoughts and emotions, which makes it a powerful tool of manifestation. Once again I remind you, use this tool with much consideration. Think it through before application, that you not find yourself in the midst of perdition over your own words!



Watch Neale Donald Walsche, author of "Conversations with God" speaking on fear: CLICK HERE


Latest Additions to my favorites include:

Katt Williams: Official Gesture of the Ormes Temple: African American Comedy: Laughter is a great healer. It is the evidence of energy moving and clearing. Every Court has it's Comic Relief, "Gesture." The "Gesture" is anything but a fool! The Court Gesture reports on the world events, social and personal climate.  A "Great" Gesture" is also a healer, with the ability to affect a release of distorted/repressed energies and clear the path for self realization, self actualization and collective empowerment. Katt Williams is "King" in his profession of "gesturehood." In the following clips, he uses the magic of humor to first and foremost, put us in touch with our "Star Player," SELF!

CLICK HERE: Katt Williams: "Poor Li'l Tink Tink" Man wins race with no legs!

CLICK HERE: Katt Williams: "Man Malled in Zoo From The Tiger's Perspective"

CLICK HERE: Katt Williams: perspective on licit and illicit drugs

CLICK HERE: Katt Williams: Steriods

Ma Kali is an archeotype representation of boundless spirit/energy, activating a particular segment of divine conscious: This represents goddess bringing

life to your conscious awareness within as well as collectively.

As Carl Jung has pointed out, archeotype images have a profound collective affect on consciousness which relates its expression in the world of form.

Tapping into the power of archeotypes willfully, allows you to choose what you desire to augment in your experiences in the world of form.

View the Kali video, below: and discover the power of the Kali archeotype, representing the divine activation she gives to consciousness, which then expresses itself in form. 

Focusing on this archeotype will bring her attributes into expressed form in your life experience, should you so chose to do so. 

 Note: "Ma" always relates to the divine feminine, spirit or energies that bring life to the consciousness represented in the work attached to it. Even in the Khemetic traditions, we see the same thing. Consider,

"MA-AT": In the Khemetic tradition MA represents the spirit/energy that brings life to "AT," the state of Righteousness. As this is expressed in the world of form, we find righteousness brought to life in

our manner of expression. 

Remember: Goddess relates to the spirit/energy that is life in the equation of creation and manifestation. 

                  God relates to the consciousness that is definition in the equation of creation and manifestation. 

These two together produce what we experience in the world of form. 

Ma Kali video;

See: "ZEITGEIST" the pic movie of the month of August. Full 2 hour presentation

not new, but relevant and significant for your consideration. The ideas and views expressed in this movie are controversial to what we are usually exposed to. Thus it may be difficult on the surface of our mental and emotional make up to take the information in objectively. My suggestion is, that in watching it, maintain a conscious position of making your own decision on the validity of the various views presented here. To get at the truth requires indepth research and deep analytical consideration, (using your own thinking brain power as well as tuning into the power of infinitely expansive collective intelligence, beyond that of the limbic programs, rather that of the neo-cortex system along with the third eye connection to the crown chakra opening.) Meditation helps to make these brain capabilities increasingly powerful. Let us hear about your thoughts, your research and your views.   

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