Ormes Temple Curriculum for Groups

The Ormes Temple  Group Workshops:
The primary focus of the workshops is on Kriya/Tantra Yoga; a weave of teachings, including the scientific method of BIF, (Breath Intention and Focus) along with various effective exercise movements and postures, (asanas), dietary considerations, ancient knowledge and spiritual discoveries that can be practiced along with any religious background or preference. Whether you consider yourself to be religious or not, these teachings will in no way interfere with your choice of beliefs. They offer proven methods to heighten your awareness of self on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, soul (conscious awareness) and spirit (energy).

Kriya Yoga is known as the essence of yoga. It was developed by taking the most essential practices from each yogic modality and grouping them together in the overall study for a concentrated and highly affective approach that works well in the laymen's life, (for those who choose to correlate these yogic techniques into their everyday life, including their profession and families.)
Tantra Yoga is known as the mother of yogas, as it is out of the Tantric Tradition that all other yoga modalities were born. Tantra includes the root life energies associated with sexuality and confronts the release of conflict on that level. This is important, as most of us in the Western World do suffer some form of conflict with our sexuality. This results in distorted consciousness and energy in the body which further result in weaknesses, dis-eases, aging and suffering on all levels of being if not relieved. Tantra teaches us to recognize the Divine Quality of our sexual energies, as it is the root of our existence. Because of the conflict that exists in our sexuality,  most of our present attempts at sex education have fallen short and actually perpetuated the conflict. Through the proper sex education that Tantric Study offers we can improve our relationship within self and with others. This, in turn can strengthen intimacy and family structure for a stronger more progressive community and ultimately, a stronger and more progressive unity throughout the world.
In consistent practice of Kriya/Tantra Yoga techniques you may expect to:
1. Reduce your level of distress
2. Manage Pain and dis-ease
3. Work through issues of repressed distortion caused by mis-education and passed traumas
4. Learn to identify hard wire strongholds in your life that show up as addictive behavior
5. Learn a process of releasing those strong holds and create the space and conditions for change
6. Come into an increased acceptance and quality love for self and others
7. Increase the quality of love in your life
8. Improve your relationship with life and thus the quality of life
9. Let go of obstructions standing in the way of your success, fulfillment and enjoyment in life
10. Learn to manifest your desires and vision in your life
11. Manifest healing within self and assist in the healing of others
12, Realize the whole and complete essence of self, within and collectively as a part of a Higher Power
The following lists some of the subject matter included in our group workshops: (These also reflect teachings available on a private level)
Ay of these above listed may be drawn from and tailored to meet the specific needs and interests of the group at hand.

Introductory Level
1.  Introduction to the History of Kriya and Tantra Yoga:
2.  Consideration of Kriya/Tantra Teachings and Practices can be helpful and (or) healing for many different circumstances:
                  The course curriculum shown below offers options that can be tailored to meet the specific considerations of the group at hand. These are some of the more often sought after special workshop considerations that require specific curriculum accordingly: We look forward to sitting down together to access your specific needs and objectives, so that together we can develop the workshop or lecture that best fits for you!
Here are some examples of various special concerns for which we've developed specific approaches and considerations in our programing. Within the next few days each of the concerns listed below will have a link to its own page with a full description.
   1.  Kriya/Tantra Yoga to help heal the long term affects of the African Diaspora in Americans of African Descent
   2.  Kriya/Tantra Yoga to help in the Recovery Process of Self Hatred and Anger Issues
   3.  Kriya/Tantra Yoga to help in the Recovery Process of Addiction
   4.  Kriya/Tantra Yoga to help in the Healing Process Victims of Abuse
   5.  Kriya/Tantra Yoga to help in the Deathing Process in Hospice situations, (for those transitioning  and for those left behind)
   6.  Kriya/Tantra Yoga is a powerful help when included in general sex/spiritual education for our youth
   7.  Kriya/Tantra Yoga for singles in search of companionship
   8.  Kriya/Tantra Yoga for couples (enhancing the relationship)
   9.  Kriya/Tantra Yoga for those considering long term commitment, (marriage or love bond)
3.  Considering the Sexual Conflict and Sexual Divinity : What is Intimacy
                                                                               What is the Multi-Orgasmic Effect
                                                                                Anger Issues & Other Dividing Factors
                                                                               Communication and Communion 
4.  Introduction to the Chakra System
5.  Introduction to a basic Pranayamic Breath Technique for the clearing process
6.  Introduction to Cleansing and Dietary Considerations to assist in pain management, healing and revitalization
7.  Introduction to Basic Asanas, (Exercise Postures) to assist in flexibility and visceral massage for healing or sluggish organs
8.  Introduction to the Process of Giving Up Something First, "Fore-Giving"
9.  Introduction to the Process of Defining by Choice "Re-membering"
10.  Introduction to Trataka, (Art of Prolonged Focus) on the levels of the Anahata and Ajna
11.  Introduction to "Haung Saw" Mantra Technique
12.  Introduction to To "Om" Mantra Technique
Intermediate Level
1. A closer look at the chakras
2. Introduction to the "Orbital Warming" Technique
3. In Depth Understanding of the Power of Mantras
4. Introduction to intermediate Pranayama Techniques
5. Introduction to Intermediate asanas
6. Introduction to G-Spots, (Male and Female) and Sexual Intimacy Pointers including Yab Yum & Energy Flows
7. Introduction to Tantric Dance (Movement the stimulates the root chakra energies) & Energy Flows
8. Introduction to the Affects of Tonal Sound in Revitalizing and Healing
9. Sex, Meditation and the Divine Connection
10. Reiki Energy Healing Techniques
Advanced Level: TBA
Stay tuned, as these pages are in the process of development. More to come! 
Each of the subjects introduced above will have their own links to pages offering in depth descriptions. Your patience in appreciated, as I construct these pages for you. Your input is appreciated. If you have ideas, suggestions or concerns, please do feel free to let us know. 

The teachings included in the Ormes Temple workshops are drawn from the following masters;

Fully Enlightened Masters

Babaji Maharaj, Lahiri Mahasya, Yaheshua & Mary Magdeline, Melchezedek, Muhammad,  Paramahansa Yogananda, Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Bodhi Avinasha, Nithayananda,

Master Doctors, Professors, Instructors and Coaches 

Dr. Joe Williams, Deepok Chopra, JZ Knight, (Channeling Ramtha),Malikai York, Carl Coleman, (The Crystal King), Ratura (Astrologer), Kelly Russle (Myo-Facial Structual Integration, Movement & Energy Balancing), and Joe Dispenza & the :Rabbit Hole Crew...just to name a few.There are many, many more. Perhaps even you!



She talks about her healing touch, self dicipline and the self empowerment her dicipline a spiritual support manifested in her life. She also talks about root issues, how and when they began to affect her physically.

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*Special note: Teachings and coaching presented by the Ormes Temple do not conflict with your religious belief, we draw from the Masters teaching presented in the all holy texts including but limited to the Holy Bible and Holy Koran.

Group Workshops fit well with the needs of the churches in our community. Please contact us for more information. Let's talk. 

 Let's work together to heal and empower God's people. 

Explains her wide array of issues and challenges are typical on many levels and in so many ways that it gave her a great deal of experience and empathy for the issues and challenges of others. She speaks of overcoming her victim role by going within and connect with an inner source of love and strength. How she did that and what it provided for her in terms of her own healing process. 

Krystan talks about her child hood background and early paranormal experiences, her early adulthood commitment to meditate and her first Initiation by a fully Enlightened Master. Notice the light purple hue showing up occasionally as her hands move.

Krystan reveals her losses and life style changes, her wilderness experience and even descenting into hell after an attempted suicide with compelling honesty. She talks about resurrecting through various stages of hell, in which she may have satisficed at any given time but for the force of the Universe that presented a continuation of challenges that drove her through a resurrection process out of the graves and back above ground. Her story reveals that sometimes blessings turn out to be curses and curses turn out to be blessings. One never knows!

(Holy Bible, words of Yaheshuah)



Please let us hear from you. If you'd like to have a private visit for yourself or you and your significant other, or if you'd like to organize a group or attend a workshop, let us know. I am  available to speak at your functions and events. I am happy to sit with you to determine a perfect lecture, inspirational share or workshop, tailored to fit your specific needs and objectives. Let me know how the Ormes Temple can best serve you.

Also, the Ormes Temple truly appreciates your support. We invite you to lend your support with volunteering your help and skills, by applying to sit on our board of directors or advisors or by giving your financial assistance. Contact us today to find out how you can be of help, how you can "Be the Miracle!"

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Krystan AlecSandra=Bray