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August 2011:

May, 2011: 


Ormes Temple update on Group Workshops and Meditation Circle: Ormes Temple is offering a four part Tantra Workshop series, starting in July, with two options; an evening and morning class. 

Please click this link for more information on our updates for current workshops and circles.  


Ormes Temple is currently testing an upcoming Seikem/Reiki Class which will be offered to the public in August. Please click the above link for more information about this workshop.  We are truly excited about offering it. It is sure to be the most comprehensive Energy Workshop of its kind, covering the history, and the true rituals of Seikem that prove to be so crucial in accomplishing the empowerment for the modality itself.  We will be offering attunements out to 5 levels of master as well as extensive information on facets to be shared.  We offer Reiki in combination with Seikem for in fact, Reiki is the child of Seikem. These modalities are of great wealth and benefit to the true Tantra Practitioner as they develop both the energy/power and the vessle/sensativity of transmission to heightened levels which is a crucial evidence of Tantra Truths applied! Please do not hesitate to express your interest by calling or emailing us.  You can speak with MaKrystan directly at 703-915-9178.

Ormes Temple has coupled with a nonprofit SiStar Company, "Stand For Art":   Stand For Art is a nonprofit organization aiming at the healing of artist, brought to the attention of the Ormes Temple through its major founder, Shelia Coleman. We are pleased to announce this marriage! After all, it is Art that speaks to the complexion and condition of the society it represents. It is Art that reports the existing conditions and holds the power to define and create the shifts through the eternal planes of Universal Potential for all Life.  It is thru the artists' expression of Divine Imagination that abounds through every chakra center from the root to the crown that we either choose to perpetuate, degenerate, or excellerate. The artists teach us to visualize, hear, conceptualize, dance and sing into being the ever evolving and continuing heighten/expansions of intelligent energies that birth a cornacopeum of Life expresson. Healing them is the priviledge of hosting their passage to Realization, Actualization, the Power of Enlightenment that spews forth out of Divine and Unconditional Love, bringing Living Color to all it touches. They are the unconditional medium that carries the power of Tantric Realization through out the life streams of all the rest of us, giving us the power to Strive to unlimited deminsions of an ever continuing revelation of wonder and greatness.  Is that not absolute bliss in an ongoing orgasmic thrust?

Please click here to check out and support Stand for Art with us: 

News Letter Premiere! The  Ormes Temple's Very First News Letter over a year ago!

Krystan welcomes friends to the new Ormes Temple Website 

Greetings My Beloved Friends:

I am so delighted to share the powerful love and light of the Tantric Path. Many of you may remember the old site,, now quite defunked! It's amazing how the Universal Intelligence will sometimes give you a push if your procrastinating with growth and opportunity. That's exactly what I was doing. I'd been inspired for months to share something more with you. Each night when my head hit the pillow, my dreams were filled with the vision of the Ormes Temple. I could see it, hear it, smell it, taste it. The feel was incredible. I was literally in the throws of transforming fire! Many of you may know the story of how I was first introduced to Kriya Yoga Meditation, back in 1978. It was then that the Honorable Lihiri Mahasaya visited with me in the upper most room in the church that I grew up in. Lihirigi is no longer in flesh form. He wasn't then. But he was absolutely clearly with me, saturating all of my bodily senses. He stimulated and raised my Kundilini Flame for the first time. He carefully and playfully guided me in breath technique, while he poked me with his little wand. Grinning he would say, "Breath like this." Then he would show me, and I would emulate. He would procede to poke me right in my solar plexus region with his wand. "You feel anything?" He would ask me, in broken English. "No, " I must have replied the first 15 times or so. He would throw his head back chuckling, and repeat the process, until at last, this intense heat shot up my spine, and exploded at my crown. It was a true Mac Truck Experience. I was totally blown away, and immediately fell deeply in love with this little man who visited me, in my dream state. I tried desperately to rekindle the contact. Two years passed before I discovered who he was, while reading "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramahansa Yogananda."  There, in the midst of the pages was my beloved guide and guru, Lihiri Mahasya, smiling at me, just as he had in my first encounter with him. I meditated all the time, trying to experience another vivid encounter with him. As I studied with Self Realization Fellowship, I learned answers to questions that had plagued me from childhood. I was truly blessed not to have my gifts subdued with medication by well intending professionals who had no clue as to what was really going on with me. This is happening a lot to our indigo children today. In any case, although Lihirigi didn't fail to guide me throughout the years, I never had such a vivid encounter again until 30 years later, just a little while before my site went down. This time, he assisted me through a terrible battle. When my old site went down, I fought and fought with Yahoo. For the life of me I couldn't understand why my payments just wouldn't process. Finally I stopped resisting. I came to realize I was just wasting my energy fighting against the path that was obviously meant for me to take. The Ormes Temple was born. There's so much I want to share. It's coming so much faster than my one single little body can handle. Of course, that's because just as Tantra teaches that we are all collectively one body, the Ormes Temple is meant to be a full expression of just that. So I send out my call to every other part of me. Let us all come together and realize this vision as one. We are collectively the Ormes Temple. Just as we each individually have our own flesh body "temples," the Ormes Temple is the collective flesh body. The Ormes Temple is not a structure built of steel or stone or wood with walls that confine and keep out. The Ormes Temple is simply the collection of all of us, together, as one body. "Human Being" breaks down to Hue-Man Being, which translates into Hue: (A particular quality of Light) + Man: (Manifested) + Being: (Experiencing).  Thus, Hue-Man Being is a particular quality of light made manifest, experiencing itself. The Ormes Temple is the total of all qualities of Light made manifest experiencing itself collectively. We are The Ormes Temple! I bid you, come breath, intend and focus together, so that collectively we, as the Ormes Temple can experience our collective Self!


Seeking Goddesses and Gods to Post on New Upcoming Ormes Temple Gallery
It takes the masculine and feminine energies of the Universe to create the whole.
This is expressed through the dieties of Shiva and Shakti in Tantra
let us know if you'll consider registering with the Ormes Temple in our "Friends Gallery of Introductions," where you can play among the stars and perhaps even find your perfect mate! 
Let us hear from you


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And Yaheshua said unto them, "I call ye gods and goddesses, and yet you take issue with me that I say I Am, the Sun of God?" Yes, Yaheshua, whom many of us know as 'Jesus' is recorded to have studied in Egypt, the Middle East, India and far in to the Orient, where Tantra gave birth to Kriya, before religious orders grew and coupled with National Politic and corporate quests for wealth and power. It was the latter that felt the threatening blows from his tongue, which he called a double edged sword of truth. He had to be quieted. Can you imagine the mass population today, had tactics of shame, guilt and fear had not taken root amongst us? There would be no way to fill the military ranks sent off to relentlessly shed blood all along the hi-ways and by-ways, pillaging and plundering to line the pockets of the church, state and the powerfully corporate elite. The truth sayers are always quieted. There is so much at risk. The entire playing field could be leveled. Whether he died on the cross, or lived to cross the seas, quietly, carrying his bloodline, or the life line of truth, including the original concept of a Universe, dual by nature, in every aspect of it's expression, of one God, collectively connecting the Shiva and Shakti dance permeating all of life, even as he represented the Holy Grail, between him and Mary Magdalene, the truth defies extermination. It continues to rise up like the phoenix from the dust, in which it was so carefully buried. It's here! Although it has been cloaked and shrouded, choked and shouted over, beguiled and disguised beyond recognition, the human spirit still seeks it out at all costs. For the human spirit is exactly hue, ( particular qualities of light) man, (made manifest) experiencing, (being). John said, "and the light was the life of man, but the darkness comprehended it not." Yes, the light is the life of what was made manifest. What was made manifest is the light, it's magnetic vibration slowed down to the point of molecular materialization or manifestation, it is still light. When all those individual particular qualities of light are considered collectively, they are the whole of the sum of their parts. The whole of light, which is energy, which is ultimately spirit is the Whole Spirit, or Holy Spirit. That, being made manifest in endless diversity, so that it can then, experience itself, being. The Hue-Man Being is collectively, The Whole of Light made manifest, experiencing itself in all its endless forms of diversification. Yes, we are gods and goddesses! And, no matter how it may be twisted and tangled, hidden and forbidden, by the very nature of why we have become, we still must uncover the truth, for that is why we come. For as "beings" we are being, which is to experience, which is to re-discover, or un-cover once again, that which we always are. This is the truth that makes us free!    

The Ormes Temple calls out to "Gods" and "Goddesses" Come, share your gifts, your wisdom, your experience and your love. Let us know what you'd like to present. The Ormes Temple is your collective and connected body. It is the vessel by which you are free to express your life. Come, share your gifts, your wisdom, your experience and your love!


November, 2010

thetemple.jpg tpelerising.jpgNEWS From the Ormes Temple: Provided by

Krystan AlecSandra-Bray,  Trybal Queen of the Ormes Temple

Minister of Tantra Life Coaching & Heightened Intimacy Experiences

Tantra Yoga Instruction and Shared Tantric Experiences

Certified Masseuse & Wellness Coach, Initiate in the Vedic tradition of Kriya Yoga since 1978 and Tantra Yoga in the early 90s. 

 Specializing in sharing the Tantric Path of Enlightenment with you!






Intensive 3 day Tantra Massage workshop, hosted by Ormes Temple, presented by Shri Param Eswaran:  Absolutely "INTENSE" : Ormes Temple sends heartfelt thanks out to all those who participated in this workshop. After three months of planning, it finally happened. It was the first of its kind since the Ormes Temple received her tax deductible status with the IRS. So please, those of you who contributed your donations, if you didn't receive a reciept from the OT, please do not hesitate to ask for one, so that you can claim your deduction at tax time!

The workshop filled to capacity. Shri Param Eswaran gave us both Para-Tan instruction/application/healings AND Tantra Massage instruction/application/healings. Needless to say, with so much deep work going on over the three days, there was definitely a stirring up of content stored away in our deeper levels. This resulted in emotions, thoughts, opinions, judgments, (just to name a few things) coming up to the surface to be released. Lots went on here that will require some time for most of us to process. This was indeed a great gift on many levels.

Ormes Temple wants to remind those of you who participated to be sure to show up for the follow up circles now forming. Starting in the month of January, we will be holding "Tantra Release Circles." Now...before you let your imagination run wild, let us clarify what that means. Before we can expect to move into a meaningful empowerment of Tantra, we must first attend to our lower world workings. This is the work of the three lower chakra centers and the Heart Chakra. It is here that our collection of distortions and conflict rests. These distortions and conflicts will get in the way of our free will manifestations along the way, in practicing Tantra, if we do not consciously work through them. In many Yogic circles, these root issues and their branches are known as Samscaras. How ever you refer to them, we must address the work; raising them to our conscious awareness with a loving acceptance and then unclutching, giving them up first or "fore-giving" them. This is what is meant when we say "release circles."  Keep in mind, these samscaras have roots with layers of branches, so sometimes this work can be similar to the peeling of an onion. As we get close to the core, it can be pretty putrid. For this reason, it is good to be a part of a closely knit support circle. Also, do not think that you must completely be cleared of all samscara before evidence of Tantric Power begins to abound in your life. It is the Tantra empowerment that will take you to the point of full clearance and enlightenment. Try not to put time stipulations on this work. It basically takes as long as it takes. Everyone is somewhat different, just as we all look different. However, we are all manifestations of a Divine Essence that is common to all of us. All though we are different parts of a whole, we are all ONE. As the samscaras clear, this will become increasingly evident for you. As your realization increases, you will find empathy, healing, loving, empowering and manifesting all coming aout with increased ease.

The Tantra Release Circles will implement Para-Tan and Tantra Massage with some related modalities, such as Reiki, Seikhem, Polarity, Quantum Healing methods and so on. We are sure you will find these circles powerfully ONE-D'er-Full for the partaking. We will all be able to advance on so many levels. It will become obvious that each of us brings an important element or elements to the whole of us. We ask that you simply come with a commitment to an open mind and heart. We are not here to prove any one modality superior to another, but to discover how they fit together in a special and unique way for each of us in unfolding experience of our wholeness, or "holiness."    

Many of the participants in the workshop have already let us know how they are developing and how they intend to pay this work forward. We are greatly encouraged that this work is proving to be a powerful light in these days and times. Some of us will work one on one, others with couples, come are even considering implementing this learning experience in exisiting and newly developing workshops. We want you to know we are delighted that the work is proving to be relative and significant in the lives of those that were here and furthermore, will be the same in lives of those we touch.  

We will be sending out notice of the upcoming circles. However, we urge you to stay in touch with the temple, by all means. Let your questions and your additions be noted. This is what the temple is for! We are creating and nourishing our greater body, whole and full...."Holy ONE!" Let us know about your upcoming events so that we can all be supportive in what ever way it comes up for us to be so. Your added inputs as well as your questions will be published on the OT site, (with your permission, ofcourse) so that we can all benefit. Be sure to let us hear from you!  





Tantra in its authentic form is very much concerned with meditation and mantras: Why? Because in order to work
with heightened frequency energies,one must develop them. This involves developing a body, (hardware) that can sustain these new heightened energies
frequencies. This requires BIF, (Breath Intenstion and Focus) in the process of learning to mindfully aware of our inner BEing. In doing so, we learn to "see" within,
recognizing the old root issues that mold our automatic default patterns, often times interferring with our growth. Through meditation we learn to embrace all of self,
and to fore-give, give up what needs to be given up first, before we can re-build according to one of our greatest gifts, "FREE WILL!" 
Fore Giving is an important step in developing the power to truly experience heightened states within one's own BEing, and then between one's self and another,
in a sharing unity. Fore-giving is an important step in re-aligning our magnetic values, so that we may begin to attract into our presence that which we want to attract. 
As the ancient proverb goes, "The student must first be willing to empty their cup before it can be filled again according to the long sought after gift boons
to be learned and accomplished with patience and balance." 
There is no free lunch, however the cost isn't that steep either. Its just a matter of commitment to the path. That is where Bhakti Yoga comes in. What are you devoted to?
This becomes the question.
Mantras are sound vibrations involving tones and harmonic balances along with specific phonetic soundings that produce results when utilized. These vibration can interrupt
old patterns, and re-establish patterns according to our desired afftect for health, well being, vitality, love, increased intelligence and awareness, just to name a few. We have
but to consider Dr. Emoto's work with sound on the water molecule to get an idea of this power. 
Explore meditation techniques and discover what clicks for you. Ormes Temple offers various techniques. However, we do not discourage you from following your own
inspired guidance. Learn and Share, as you grow, we all grow. 
We are here for your guidance and support. We are also here to receive what you have to share! Remember, there is only ONE of us here. We are not in the business
of putting down one in order to raise up another.
Suffer not one be lost. Let us all rise up in the glory of Divine Love! 
Our videos and Library pages are growing all the time. Please do feel free to visit them frequently. We know there's a lot there! Don't try to devour it all at once.
You'll get indigestion! Instead, allow your spirit to lead you. Drop in on some information, and then give it time to form within. After awhile, come back and see
what else comes up for you. Reciprocate with your gifts. That way we all grow together. Remember, there is only ONE of us here!
Discover New Materials Included on our Library Page and Videos Page: Just to name a few:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Library:  1.  Karen Kellock's Best Chill Radio (Mystic Music)                                                                                        harem_beauty-255x300.jpg
            2. The Quadisthu or Sacred Prostitute: Discover the intial understanding of the oldest profession on the Earth. 
            3. Understand "Maithuan" and "Shaktipat"
            4. Glimpse Tantra Methods for Heightened Intimacies with Your BeLoved, Including Tantra Massage and Sacred Bath Ritual  
 Videos:    1. MaKrystan Speaks on our Androgynous Nature, Tantra and God in Christianity, and much more.
                  2.   New Additions of Paramahansa Nithyananda: "Raghupati Yoga for the Body,"  and " Deeper Truths"
                  3.  Maa Kali Ji

sekhmetcaz.jpgA BIG Ormes Temple SECRET! NetertUmmiJarett.jpg


Ormes Temple Plans a Guided Tour Trip to the Ancient Land of Khemet/Egypt for an upfront close look at the Spiritual/Science on which the preservation of life on Earth depends, today!


How many of us really understand how much of our knowledge today is based upon the findings of sciences our of ancient Khemet? Even Tantra Yoga has its beginnings in Khemet! Did you know that? 

We are living in highly tumultuous times, uncertain times, many of us questioning which way to turn. Find your way back to the beginnings, where information has been stolen, hidden and capitalized upon by a private elete, keeping the rest of the population on Earth in darkness.

Get a true understanding of where you fit in the evolution of this planet, as never seen before.

The planning for this tremendous opportunity is in its infant stages. We are first coming to you, to determine just what the interest for such a trip looks like. We have an extrodinary line up of extremely capable guidance in mind. If we do this trip, it will be beyond all falsehood. The truth will be brought to the light for your benefit!

We are seeking to discover what the level of interest is in for such a trip, to be held in the summer of 2011. We are also seeking help, in terms of the planning, production and funding. Depending on what we hear back from you, we will further determine just how to put this work together. 

If you'd like to know more about this plan, and are interested in its planning, please contact MaKrystan through this site, at

Or Call: 703-915-9178   

We will give the all and all low down!


Ormes Temple News Archives Below This Point!





July News:  Greetings from the Trybal Queen, Krystan  


Yes, I know its been quite awhile since you've heard any word through the Ormes Temple News. We appreciate your continued interest and participation and have much to share with you. 

Ormes Temple has, at last secured its 501c3 documentation for its tax deductible status! Pregnant with new growth Ormes Temple needs YOU!  As many of you know, we've been working hard to secure a full non-profit tax deductible status from the IRS. Its been a long hard journey for us with countless delays due to the back up and bureaucracies of the system. Yet we have continued on sharing the teachings and experiences of the Tantric Journey and relative interests. Presently, after 8 long months, we recieved out official status on August 11th, 2010, auspiciously enough, oh MaKrystan's birth-date!

Ormes Temple has, at last secured its new location! Although the OT is a temple of light, without true walls, but rather of conscious/Light and the Living Vibration of Goddess Love Energy that brings all that is held in purposeful consciousness into BEING! 

Now, in Old Town, Ormes Temple hosts our office and meeting place for research, development and the board of directors planning and implementation of the One-D'er-Full programs designed to enlighten, liberate, heal and empower our Beloved Trybe, community and world.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us to get on our mailing list so that you may be kept informed of our plans and growth. No man, woman or child is an island. It is by our collective strengths that we are able to affect one another and our world with the positive life enhancing modalities for real change...  No Woman, Man or Child is an Island! You never need to stand alone. Help us help you, your loved ones, community, and world! We are no stronger than our weakest link!  Help us by growing strong with us!!! Together, no weaponed formed against any of us can progress. We will most assuredly stand in unity, without anger opportunity to express self, so long as it is not injurious to see. Learn the art and science of Love, the natural life energy that can heal, empower and transform your life! 

We are waiting, as this news goes out to you, to receive the formal papers in this regard. Once we have them in our possession we will be able to request major funding to promote and host all the wonderful workshops and events to bring this enlightenment to everyone who seeks it. 

Some of things that are on the table are

Securing a Ormes Temple home base with the sanctuary space for puja celebration, to house larger audiences for our workshops and group events, to host secondary sanctuary space for private unity confirmations and private healing rooms. We are also in need of space for various artistic expression, culinary activities and administrative functions, to name a few things.

We invite you to share your ideas, resources and contacts to help bring this vision into form. As we touch and agree with conscious intention, vision and the intensity of loving devotion we supply the essential elements to birth the Ormes Temple into new realms. Please join us in this mission. Your contribution is needed. 

Contact Krystan at 703-915-9178 or email the OT at to offer your support today.

BEauty45.jpgOrmes Temple loves our children. They are link to physical immortality. One of the endeavors we look to expand upon is bringing the teachings of Tantra Yoga and related subject matter to our Youth. We are presently working on Wednesday and Friday afternoon at the Alexandria, Old Town Learning Center with the youth; teaching the history of Netarian/Khemetic (Egyptian) Tantra Yoga as it has been revealed on the Temple Walls of old. Netarian teachings predates Vedic teachings on the records of time, although they teach the same concepts in whole. The value of the Netarian teachings is its African connection to the youth here at this center, who's prominence throughout history has been largely denied. 

We teach the story of the Netarian Concept of creation which vivifies gods and goddesses as the conscious living attributes alive in each of us that are expressed in our human form, lifestyles, choices, and activities, supporting or destroying life, individually, collectively and throughout our world, including our Divine Earth and Sky and all the life in the midst of them. Through the concept of the first created goddess, (living spirit energy) "MAAT" the children are learning the the qualities of "Righteousness" and its various strengths in truth, loving consideration of self and others, how to make conscious decisions, overcoming deception, seduction, and selfish destruction of self and others throughout the whole of creation.These lessons are being shared through the archetype symbols communicated through the ancient Egyptian story of the ageless conflict of good over evil, love over lust, as told on the Temple Walls by the ancient African civilization of that time.

Ormes Temple is bringing the teachings of the Netarian and Vedic Asanas, (physical exercises) to help strengthen physical core balance, mental focus and clarity in a fun cooperative way of connecting with a sense of accomplishment and cohesiveness with the world around them.

The older children are learning the concept of Creation and its repeating patterns throughout the Universe, throughout our planet, and in their own individual lives, as the concept of "Sacred Sex." Ormes Temple is sharing the empowerment of making healthy choices when it comes to sharing touch and intimacy, the courage in considering values and the focus of following through with intelligent choices affecting the ability to plan for a fulfilling life.      

This is the first of many outreach programs Ormes Temple looks forward to hosting throughout our community with the assistance of the funding we are able to secure as a nonprofit spiritual/educational organization.

We welcome your support.

 "Seichim" also known as "Sekhem" a Khemetic/Netarian Healing modality Offered through Ormes Temple's own, Priestess and Trybal Queen Krystan in the DC area and Priestess Vena in the Richmond area: CLICK HERE: For specific information
* Also, see the new "Netarian"  Tantra Wisdoms Page: CLICK HERE

Shri Param Eswaran Returns to Bless The Ormes Temple  Trybe
Don't miss the opportunity to be in the presence of this profound Vedic Tantra Teacher, reviving the living goddess relationship in you! 
Shri Param will present an intensive and comprehensive Tantra Massage training workshop November 4th through the 6th
 Please contact Krystan today for more information. 703-915-9178 or
FEEL THE POWER:  Shri Param Eswaran brings the wisdoms and power of Para-Tan Mantra/Sound teachings. Experience the healing and empowerment of this profound Tantric Work in your life. Heal the distortion of past traumas and misinformation and discover the freedom of your own goddess presence. Take love/intimacy in your relationships to new heights.
CLICK HERE:To read more

ABSOLUTE "MUST SEE" : THE CLIP BELOW on ORGASMIC CHILDBIRTH: Could the pains we expect and experience in childbirth be the result of just more inner distortion due to mis-inforation and traumas out of  political and corporate power influences on religions and educational system that is now giving away to very TRUTH, restored from the ancients?

Contact Trybal Queen, MaKrystan for more information on how you can bring ecstasy into your life, by discovering the truths of your BEing. This is perfect example of what Tantric Life Coaching can do for you and for your relationship, in which you and your mate learn to better honor the god and goddess element within each of you and between the two of you as ONE.

This video definitely give us something to think about. Let us consider the strengths in the teachings of Shri Param Eswaran in the living goddess traditions and learning how to honor the wombs of life. This is TANTRA

Contact number: 703-915-9178  : Lets work together, learn together, love together, unite together....   After all we are ever 'ONE-D'er-Full!'

DavidBurnside.jpegThe Ormes Temple recognises the open heart, love and devotion of David Byrnside of Springfield Virginia for his tireless passion in the development and hosting of a fantastic Healing and Empowerment Group.

Like a Bridge Over Troubled Waters, David truly lays it down!

David hosts a fantastic Reiki Share on Sundays at 2PM. He has also constructed an authentic Native American Medicine Wheel which he holds open for all those desiring of its empowerment. Experience the beauty of ONE-ness in the Moon Celebrations, twice monthly for the new and full moons. 

Genuine Love reigns Supreme!


Please join us:

For more information click 

The Ormes Temple looks to start its Meditation Circles and Tantric Para-Tan Healing Circles soon in September. Please join us.

ORMES TEMPLE had Discovered a new "Molecule Therapy" that increases the intelligence factor of our immune system. The research and documented experience shows significant positive long term results in improving various physical states of dis-ease. Among these are: High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cancer, HIV, AIDES, Hepatitis, and many many others. It also show promising results in correcting P.E. and E.D. dysfunctions resulting from these illnesses and the complex medications with adverse side affects promoting these problems.

We are asking that you review the information on this research and let us hear from you.


For more information click the link below.

The Ormes Temple has long been recognised as a Temple without walls, of love and light dedicated to the teaching, coaching and sharing of Tantra Interests. thetemple.jpg

As we continue to grow, our needs change. In order to better implement our overall vision we are presently focusing on finding a space to host our workshops, private sessions, celebrations and events as well as our administrative functions, a physical library and our growth and development planning.

We find we are spending a lot of time trying to coordinate events and sessions with space availability at an affordable cost. We look to better allocate our time to the meat of our purpose. 

 We ask for your support. Search your heart and let it tell you how. The ways to support our efforts are endless. You may know of a place, or have an intuitive and ingenious plan to help us manifest what is needed in materials, space or expertise. You may even receive guidance that will help us move forward with ideas we haven't even considered yet.  We simply ask that you take this request to your heart and minds eye, and let your higher guidance speak to you.

We look forward to hearing from you and having you join us upon this incredible path of Love, Light, Truth and Insight.


 Call: 703-915-9178 or write to

Watch the movie: "Zeitgeist" right here from this news letter: Let us hear your thoughts
It has been reported that YouTube continuous to remove this movie from its viewing tables. Discover why you may think this happens. We've managed to capture the full latest version of this work.
This is a stunning documentary that seems to rip the blinders off our eyes for another view of reality. If your board with the same old movies on the premier cable channels, watch this riveting 2 hour presentation, right here. 
CLICK THE SCREEN BELOW to view the entire movie, "Zeitgeist" at your leisure. 

Krystan has added a few new videos to the Greatest Videos Page: Check out her talk on understanding what gods and goddesses really represent, the ancient origins of this symbolism, the Trinity Concept and more.

Below this line begins the history archives of past News/Blog from Febrauary, 2010 and back through time. You have completed our latest News/Blog Release for the ending of July 2010: Thank you for your support.

Please feel free to let us hear from you at: or call 703-915-9178 : We welcome you input.


February 1st, 2010goddesswind.jpg

Haitian Catastrophes unites the world with Love:

haitidisaster.jpgWhen I first heard about the terrible earthquake that hit Haiti I thought, "Oh My God! What will become of the life on that Island?"  Immediately my memory served up images of Haitian refugees making their journey across the dangerous ocean waters on rafts, trying to escape the horrendous conditions of poverty by reaching the US shores. I don't know how many times I saw minor news coverage on my TV, or the tiniest of articles somewhere buried in the News Paper. One thing for sure. Once I heard about their attempts to get here, I never heard anything further. I recalled going to a UN Human Rights Watch presentation. I asked the speaker, "What ever happens to the Haitians?" She couldn't tell me anything more than, "That's an unfortunate situation for which the United States hold an unfortunate policy." I never found out anything more.

But this earthquake situation brought out something quite unsuspected for me, anyway. I saw people coming together all through the United States and world wide, expressing what appeared to be a legitimate care and concern for the survivors in Haiti. I was delightfully surprised, but still unconvinced. As sites went up and calling codes appeared everywhere to donate money, I was moved. It appeared that Haiti was demanding an even faster response than New Orleans was able to muster a few years back. I was over joyed with the improvement, even though precious time was still a major issue. I was appalled when I saw numbers of health care professionals packing up and leaving the hospital scenes, as they were, under some order that was never quite clearly claimed. But overall, the crisis reflects a growth in our human connection in time of crisis, even when the people suffering have never been fully considered "human" before, in so many ways.

My hat is off to all the many average every day people  who donated their money out of already badly stretched budgets, and went out to gather care items to make care packages and lined up outside the Haitian Embassey to make sure their contributions got through. My heart was swollen to see the emotions pouring forth by those who were witnessing the pain of a people they'd not ever before acknowledged. I do see that light is abounding on our planet. Although I would greatly prefer that it not take such a crisis to see the evidence of the love, we humans are capable of sharing without condition. Yet, I must say, I am so happy to see our growth, and our potential for more growth.

Beyond Haiti, people are standing up everywhere, exploring their ability to respond to the situations in the world putting us at crisis now, and soon up and coming. When I speak of responsibility, I don't mean the burdensome requirement put on us to act, to participate in something we can only see as a disadvantage, an inconvenience to our own selfish needs or desires. What I speak of is a genuine concern and enlightened authentic interest is discovering our ability to respond to the challenges we once considered far too overwhelming to do anything more than just succumb to it all. The old paradigms of "me and mind, maybe, but definitely nothing beyond that" do seem to be dying. The 'win/loose' paradigm is becoming more and more ridiculous as we come together to consider the benefit of the entire planet. We are growing. Although I hear a lot of complaints about the system, as we're going through these birth pains, I'm seeing a greater interest followed by action than I have in quite a few years. I do see signs that I didn't before, that people really do believe that "Indeed we CAN!" and beyond all that "We must, and we will!"

Here's some things that might strike your interest and desire to get more deeply into the mix, to make a difference:  

Noble Princess offers a link for those interested in assisting in a very special way, to the Haitian crisis: "Adoption Information for Haitian Children" :

Considering the situation there, adoption isn't going to be a breeze, and there are some pretty stringent knots to untie. However, the need is a great one. Perhaps, if your in the position, you may find some very ingenious ways to get through it for the benefit of a life, or several lives. Maybe you can help develop a better system. We have so much potential today. Just check it out, and see what comes to you.

Face Book Goodwill Ambassador Andrew Williams, in Bermuda is drawing together a wide array of links out. Here are just a few:

Hope for Haiti Foundation has been doing an amazing job in the area of education and health care in the small village in Bainet, and there is another organization working very hard in Miragoane, around 100 kilometres south-west of the capital, Port-au-Prince, led by a group of valliant men and women who have decided not to wait any longer for the Haitian governmen to act. They have taken education, health and sanitation of their community into their own hands. Please visit to have an overview of the work they are doing and let us know how you can help. It is amazing what a small group of people can do once they start working together.

Participate in our 2010-2020 multi-lingual, multi-national,... multi-cultural global wealth creation and economic business development projects through the GrowThink University curriculum: Info:

Green Technology Institute


Col. David Jeffrey Wright, Ambassadrix Kimberly Nordman-Raila:

I am herein proposing to you, that we consider a collaborative effort to develop, launch, and sustain a multi-lingual, multi-dimensional social media publicity campaign championed by ALL Facebook, Google, and U.N. Goodwill Ambassadors, to attract further celebrity and corporate sponsorships to keep the UNMDG 2015/Solar Televillages project on the front burner and front pages of the world media throughout 2015 and beyond.


Flying Hospital ( and Health for America   (  

Feel free to submit your contributions to the growing summits of ideas and efforts. Get in the mix! Let us know what your up to.

Write to us at:       




Shri Param Eswaran is scheduled to return to the DC area, for the second time, April 30th to May 2: ShriParamEswaran.jpg

He will be offering a comprehensive three day workshop on "Yoni Healing."

Shri Param Eswarn is a renowned enlightened Tantra Master, based out of Tamil, India, who has fathered the Para-Tan Mantra/Sound Vibrational Techniques awakening us to our Goddess Essence inside, thus renewing our own conscious awareness and the physical manifestation of the same, in health, vitality, fertility, heightened pleasures and awareness of divine love, honoring our union in self, with our mate, our family our community and our world and universe.

Don't miss this opportunity to have your BEing touched and your life transformed, along your pathway, in the presence of a true living Tantra Master, Shri Param Eswaran.

Three whole days, from 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM (which can run later) April 30th until May 2nd, 2010

This comprehensive workshop will restore your power as womb-man/goddess, divine! A woman has the power to make or break a man. Learn to empower your man, your children and community and world. Free your self of old distortions caused by mis-information, lack of education and trauma in your life. Free the cells of destructive memory. Clear, heal and revitalize your power dome, the Yoni, Gait to the Hue-man Experience. Relieve cramps, fibroids, tumors and tendencies for tumors, frigidity, anger, depression Nrepeating patterns of self destructive choices and behavior. This is a workshop with knowledge fundamental to your own Goddess Empowerment. BE Here!

Note: Shri Param requests that we have: names, date, time and place of birth for all participants no later than March 12th, 2010, so that birth charts can be available for you at the workshop.

Shri Paramgi is traveling quite a distance to join us and bring us his blessings, and there are expenses associated with hosting and producing this incredible opportunity. The cost of this workshop, at Shri Paramji's request is usually almost $500 per person, and its well worth it! However, in recognition of the passion our members have shown in the past for Shri Param's enlightening and empowering effective work, we are able to offer our early bird registers a huge savings. If you register now, we can hold the suggested donation down to a modest request of $350 for the whole three day workshop. This offer will only stand Until March 15th. Then  registries  will increase in increments as we move closer to the dates, April 30th to May 2nd. So plan early, register now with at least half down, and mark your calendar to participate in healing, empowering and enlightening lift shifting event.  

Space is limited: So that Shri Paramji can guarantee the attention needed for the comprehensive experience in learning, we must limit the attendance count. Please contact us soon, and lock in your space with a minimum early bird donation of just $350.  This helps us in the knowing that we're meeting our Master Teacher's humble requests, in that his expenses are met. Your kind and thoughtful consideration in meeting this modest donation request is much appreciated.

Click here to learn moreabout the workshop, directly from Shri Param Eswarn:

CLICK HERE: To go to Shri Paramji's page on this site, with more information about our upcoming event, Three day intensive "YONI HEALING & EMPOWERMENT" April 30th - May 2nd

Ormes Temple offers Tantra coaching/instruction along with other shared modalities of like interest to help you to clear, mend and empower your launch pad, your root gate, where energy and consciousness connected first manifest into your conscious awareness in physical form! This is Divine Sexual Energy and the Divine Cconscious Awareness that couples with it to create a Divine Manifestation of Its like Form. We all have heard about the wonderful extended pleasure experiences that can be had through the practice of Tantra Yoga, but "tip of the iceberg" that this is, how can even "this" be had without our own permission and the honoring of our right to experience such pleasure? You almost want to call it "decadent," don't you? This reveals to us just how steeped we've become in the old paradigms surrounding sex and sexual energy. Is it any wonder we are suffering? Free your mind, (conscious/energies) and your body will follow! Start your Tantra Life Coaching Experiences today. Come together we're the weather suits your clothes. Yes, Come together in the "Heat of Life!" You are cordially invite to join us, your trybe, along with your trybal queen, at Ormes Temple! *    Call Trybal Queen; Krystan AlecSandra-Bray and arrange a program to suit your needs:  703-915-9178

We have the pleasure of annAdelaloft156x160.jpgouncing yet another magnificent program that is sure to accelerate your growth and expand your freedom, not only within your own Body/BEing, but is astoundingly powerful stuff for your business success.Yes, the world is your oyster! It's our oyster. Out with the old paradigms that dictate someone must loose so that someone else may win. No longer are we operating under the win/loose equation. Indeed, its win/win and it works. The beauty of it is, that you are garaunteed to win, because win/win includes us all. All that is needed is that you give into the enlightenment of it, the conscious awareness of it. As you awaken into it, it becomes YOU!

MaKrystan AlecSandra-Bray, your trybal queen, and the Ormes Temple invite you to launch a powerful and profitable year with the tremendous Business Telesummits, inviting you to "Mastering YOUR Inner Game."

Adela Rubio, along with her comprehensive team of 11 enlightening and powerful conscious business professionals;  presents a tremendous comprehensive approach to Mastery inclusive of major business successes.


Open your heart and mind, and learn more about Mastering Your Inner Game!

The world famous "Punany Principle", by Paradise

The punany principle simply states that the more deeply you touch a woman's heart and make her happy in love, the more pleasure she and her body are likely to give you from above. So when you brag about hittin' BEauty1.jpgit and quittin' it, you didn't really get it, you missed it because you didn't take the time enough to stir it properly and bring out the flava in it! You thought you waz robbin' the bank when really all you got was the change at the counter; leaving behind in the vault millions of dollars! Cuz every woman has at least Seven Punany Heavens she can drop on you through time, each one sweeter than the last one - divine is the Alchemy of Intimacy that God created especially between a man and a woman -ONLY - through the heart-body-mind connections can you reach those higher yin/yang heavens with a deeper love that reaches all the way up to her heart; which is like a violin that you should be stroking from the start!

by Paradise---


CLICK HERE TO: See the rest of the "Punany Principles"


Poetry by Paradise:

Paradise Free Jahlove January 16 at 5:29am ReplyDo not cry for the dead
Cry for the living
Cry for those we left behind
We are free from the misery
Of our beloved Island Nation
Which outsiders have preoccupied
Turning our Paradise into a prison

Do not cry for the dead
Cry for those who are still suffering
Before we came into the world
With our AnceStars we made a pact
Our appearance on the World Stage
Now recorded on history's page
Was a love act

Before we entered the world
We signed a Spiritual Contract
That if we had to die
We would die in a way
That would have the greatest impact
And around the world
The cries of our people
Haitians and Africans would be heard
In a way that would not let you turn back..........

See the rest of the above poem and others: CLICK Here: For Poetry for Life 

Click on the sound line below to hear:

Master Yao: Author of "Awakening the Master Feminine"

Master Yao is now offering workshops aimed at jump starting Women Puberty for the Master Feminine Restoration:

The Ormes Temple is presently working to host Master Yao in the DC and Richmond areas.

Have a listen to the audio link below and let us hear from you as to your interest!

CLCK HERE to donate to; Habitat for Humanity

CLICK HERE to: Donate to "Save the Children"

CLCIK HERE to donate through: Google Crisis Response

Ormes Temple Past News Archives

November and December News
The Ormes Temple is Growing and its Members are Growing With It!  I am pleased to say that over this past year the Ormes Temple has grown in many ways. Just one year ago the Ormes Temple was merely a vision born in the heart and held in the mind of the Trybal Queen. "A Temple without walls, but of love and light dedicated to the teaching, coaching and sharing of Kriya/Tantra Yoga and relative interests." This was the definition the Trybal Queen offered when ever anyone asked, "What is the Ormes Temple?" As time has gone by, the Queen has dedicated her efforts to sharing the essence of true Kriya and Tantra Yoga, along with its relative interests to genuinely interested seekers along the path, both newcomers and those well on their way. As a result of this sharing the Ormes Temple, remains without walls, but has stepped up its pace in presenting workshops and spreading knowledge through internet radio and youtube video presentations. The Ormes Temple has merged into relationships with other Light Bearers throughout the community and presented on the world wide web, exchanging nourishment to an ever expanding population of those of us connected through an inner awareness that something monumental is occurring on our planet right now. We all have the feeling that this "something" exists in equal and opposite complements, as do all things in our reality. As incredibly wonderful and liberating as this "something" can be, it can be just as horrid and enslaving. The choice is up to us. We have come together to collectively align our interests through a connective conscious energy, aiding the issuing of enlightenment for all. We work together to amplify the quality of Love, Peace, Health and Wealth for all living things, acknowledging the balance of the two complementary elements, Consciousness and Spirit/Energy, the masculine and feminine aspects revealed in the god/goddess expression that brings into effect the world of form as we know it, in physical life, here upon the planet Earth.  We are gathering together our thoughts, knowledge, wisdom, experiences and inspiration, working together as a collective body of people. We are growing and evolving as we tread this beautiful Living Journey of Enlightenment. We band together in support, bringing and sharing the Light of Love, Truth and Insight.


ShriKrystanABC.jpgSHRI PARAM ESWARAN: An authentic enlightened Tantra Master, living in the South of India, reknowned throughout the world for his Tantra workshops and events, visited us in October. For one week straight, he graced us with a series of workshops and healing circles base upon his own technique, "ParaTan." Yes, Shri Paramgi is the Father of ParaTan, a mantra/sound vibrational technique by which we were carefully instructed how to imput the sounds that arouse the goddess/spirit or energy within our own bodies, lifting the negative distortion we have stored in our cellular memory or neuro-net, on the unconscious level of awareness. Negative distortion comes from past misinformation and traumas that have occurred over the span of our lifetime, and even carried down through generations in our DNA makeup. Past memories, thoughts, opinions, judgments, feelings, and even symbols in our dreams are filed away from our conscious awareness, allowing us the freedom to place our awarenss on current things happening throughout the day. They end up sinking into the unconscious awareness which aligns itself with the parasympathetic nervous system. What this means to us is that we have negative commands influencing the functions of our bodies; the way our heart beats, how our blood pressure rises and falls, how our body's thermostat heats up and cools down, even how our cells regenerate. All these and more are affected by the negative influences imposed upon the demands placed upon our body functions through the unconscious awareness. This points to a body mind connection concerning our wellbeing or the lack of it. Not only that, our conscious energies affect our magnetic quality and all that we attract to us in our lives. Our fears and negative thoughts and judgements draw to us the very things we want to avoid. Utlizing this powerful technique, ParaTan, we are able to lift these negative patterns and consciously replace it with positive messages. With positive conscious vibrations of Love, compassion, confidence and so on, we are made free from the suffering of dis-eases on all levels of our being, empowing our bodies with strength, our minds with peace, our hearts with love, our souls with awareness and our spirits with life.

While this technique may not be for everyone, just about everyone that was touched by this master's presence and teachings had awesome results that were clearly evident to them in some way. Chronic pains disappeared. Depression and anxieties were lifted. People were generally feeling empowered and rejuevenated and relationships showed improvement.

The Ormes Temple will be having continuous ParaTan healing circles for those of you interested in experiencing its affects as well as learning the technique. It is definitely something every healer should be aware of, even to have available in one's little imaginary black bag. We'll be notifying you of the exact date these circles will begin. From that point, they'll continue on, bi-weekly, for continued healing and empowerment through the Divine Goddess Element, Spirit/Life Energy.

Shri Param Eswaran is due to return to the DC area, as well as the Richmond Virginia and Asheville, North Carolina areas in March of 2010. We were blessed with just a glimpse of this powerful Master's gifts, he makes available to us with so much love and compassion. When he returns this coming March he will be taking us much deeper into the powerful enlightening masteries of Tantra Yoga and increasing our understanding of the Divine Goddess Element that brings us into, nurtures and sustains our life experience in flesh form. Mantra Sound, Yoni Healing, Tantra Massage and the power of intimacy are just a few of the subjects he will be enlightening us upon. Just to be in his presence is powerful. To surrender to his masterful teachings is life changing. 

We're giving you plenty of notice, so be sure to put this on your agenda for March. We will be sending out more information on the specifics soon. If you have questions, or would like to RSVP early to assure your space, please contact Krystan through email or by phone so that your space is guaranteed. We also welcome your support in financial donation and services to help us to make this event the best it can be for us, and assuring the utmost comfort for our loving master teacher, Shri Param Eswaran.       


September, The Ormes Temple officially became a non-profit entity, as a 501a Church and (or) Religious Organization, meaning your internal donations assisting the temple's outreach programs are now tax deductible! GREAT! But it doesn't end there!

We Still Need Your Help: We need your services and your financial support. Please let us hear from you. 


Ormes Temple continues to formulate its plans to reach out into the community with workshop teachings of Kriya and Tantra Yoga as well as other related interests. Working to obtain the 1023 IRS tax deduction status for our grant supporters, we have developed a mission statement, a set of bylaws, and have received our nonstock corporation charter papers from the State of Virginia. It is important that we wrap up the 1023 application form with all of its supporting documents and get them submitted before the new year comes in. At that time the filing fee will more than double, going from $450 to $850. We continue to invite you to let us know of your interest in supporting the OT with your services and your finances. There's so much work to be done. If you have experitse in energy modalities, such as Tai Chi, Qui Gong, Polarity, Reiki or other forms, please do not hesitate to register with us so that we can work those teachings into our community workshop events and support your teaching efforts.

We have grown in supporting members, some of which are featured on the site now. See the following links for: 

mamatonyalive.jpgDiva Mama Tonya:




CarlA.jpgCrystal King:


We have developed new branches for the purpose of group workshops in Richmond, Virgina; Asheville, No. Carolina and  possibly in Georgia. 

Tantra wisdom, healing and empowerment workshops including every aspect of the Yoga disciplines are developing. We look to make a difference in lives that may otherwise be chronically and acutely stagnated. We look to help others strive for more productive and fulfilled lives. We look to touch the lives of those suffering from all forms of habit addiction, from past traumas and distorted memories, from those suffering from stagnating and (or) ineffective educational systems, for those who have become burned out, the chronically injured and chronically ill, even those who are soon to go through the deathing transition, and those new to the planet...our youth.

What can Tantra Yoga offer the youth, you say? We are excited about the programs on the drawing board for our youth. As it stands today, the sacredness of sex has not been addressed. Our youth may learn some anatomical information in school, and then the rest is free fall. The information at home, among peers and throughout the media is largely lacking in promoting and under and overstanding of their life essence within and the sacred value of their very being. This isn't about religious dogma, but about a spiritual/scientific and artistic approach to self realization, as well as actualization and empowerment. 

horus.gifWe continue to develop our own animated series, accompanied with comics and toys, utilizing the parable stories found in the Egyptian/Netarian Yoga Tradition.Chakrasss.jpg This program will introduce super hero gods and goddesses, both of the light and dark, that will amplify the teachings of the complementary forces of opposites, the attraction of righteous Maat or virtues, the concept of collective connectivity the sustains the Universes, the power of choices and the externalized conditioning that affects our lives. It will teach a guilt free and positive self awareness that includes the body, mind, heart, soul and spirit. It will also cover conscious consumption, cleanliness, the benefits of fitness and strength, dietary considerations and respect for the extended self, (the world around us and the life in it.)  It is our vision that all of this carefully planned entertainment will have a profound affect on the healthy development of the young psyche, for responsible, balanced, creative, insightful, manifesting future minds, ready and better prepared to take on the task of continuing increasingly higher qualities of life on our Mother Earth and beyond. We at the Ormes Temple are placing an official call out to your help. We are seeking a wide array of talent from the community. Please click the following link to take a look at the needs you can help to fulfill:    

Ormes Temple continues to hold its doors open to interested parties to sit on the board of directors and the advisory board. For far too long we have been held down by guilt, shame, self condemnation and self hatred, for the most part, repressed distortion working on the unconscious levels, which is the very part of our essence that ultimately grieves us with dis-ease and suffering leading to a breached transcendence without peace and dignity. The Ormes Temple has set itself up as a spiritual organization dedicated to freeing the whole of our body, (all of us, suffering not one be lost) to heal from the fractured condition starting from the very root level of our precious Life Energy. The Ormes Temple is not an excuse to engage in wild orgies and the condoning of further sexual distortion, but the realization of the sanctity of our Life expressed in physical form, made possible by the entry of consciousness and energy emerging through the root chakra area, and then climbing through a total awakening or enlightenment, as we ascend our internal Tree of Life.  The methods and teachings we use are not hit or miss airy fairy substances built on hopes and dreams, but an actual scientific method that has been passed down secretly to the most elite for thousands of years. Now, we have entered the age of Aquarius, and Love and Light is flooding the planet. For those who hold a burning desire to free themselves from all the mis-information and traumas held and passed down through our DNA generation after generation, the Ormes Temple dedicates its time and resources to assist in every way, the enlightening process that we may realize the true god/goddess essence that burns within releasing life in full abundance for all who sincerely seek it. We are in need of those on the path to respond to this call and contact us, so that you too can be a part of this liberating process, bringing this bright new age of love and light into reality everywhere, for everyone. There is so much work to be done. Please reach into your heart, mind, soul, spirit and move your body to contribute your efforts as an official Ormes Temple Light Bearer. Call MaKrystan, and let your intention be made known.

703-915-9178 or email us at:

Divine Love bears no judgement or opinion and does not condemn, it is a perfectly balanced objective response of direct reciprocity to that which is held most abundantly in the heart. If it is fear, it will respond with producing more fear. If it is love, it will respond with producing more love. The Tantric Principles and methods learned and applied will occupy  and cleanse the heart of the things undesireable, first, so that space and empowerment to draw to all that is true desire. Tantra is a  journey in an awakening, realization and celebration of the Shakti "feminine" principle, the creative principle. The nurturing essence of the feminine womb will complement the Shiva "masculine" principle of consciousness, which plants the seeds of creativity. Tantra expresses balance of the whole, holistic, and (or) Holy, which ultimately manifests our Divinity, the truth and consistency of "Being." Nothing Compares!  


 Now, since the Ormes Temple is officially recognized as a Temple we are looking for a beautiful place that we can entrench with the positive consciousness and energies required to do our work, including space for workshops and asanas, food preparations and demonstrations, temporary housing and smaller rooms for administrative purposes and private consultation, even including space for Tantric Massage. So....MaKrystan is putting it out to the Universe for your help in securing such a place. Your thoughtful considerations and prompt response is much appreciated. 


goddessiceflowers.gif                    inthegardenofedenKRoundtreesmall.jpg                     Beauty41.jpg                           goddesslighthands.jpg

We introduce Gregg Braden, below: a renowned scientist who expains in depth the affects our emotional conscious energy has on our being, on all levels, as well as our surroundings. As you view this short video clip, you may consider taking some time to go through more, if not all of his work available on youtube. Begin to use the time you spend in entertainment viewing to help drive these new realizations into your unconscious awareness through continuous exposure, contemplation, living and observation of that living. You will begin to recognize a positive shift in which your responsiblity is directly affecting your experience of reality. Tantra perspectives are important in this conscious programming in that it addresses the single most primal drive, "being" or living. We have all, for too long, held distortion on the level of the energy that is responsible for our "Being" in physical form, our sexual energy. This is a disjointing at the very root of our inner "Tree of Life." Until this disjointing is healed, we cannot fully be in touch with the acceptance of living and being alive. Thus we are producing conscious energy destructive to our "BEing" alive in physical form. Denying or subduing our sexuality, the key energy, root of our physical expression, results in a causal debilitation of the physical body, as we are denying or subduing it very existence. Living the Tantra experience heals this, as we shift our own inner adversities with our sexuality to an acceptance of the same as something significant, sacred and sublime. As we continue to hold this positive perspective, we see it evidenced in our thoughts, feelings, and ultimately the expression of these, in the physical form (for which they serve as a template) the physical body.

Take responsibility in feeding yourself a nourishing helping of "in-forming" conscious/energy in your entertainment. Remember, "information" forms us from the inside out! You choose that information, or you allow it to be chosen for you. Either way, your physical being is subject to programming in this way. If you simply allow it to be chosen for you, it is considered to be "programming by default."  This generally has an undesirable affect on us by design. As long as we can be kept in a state of feeling incomplete, or like something is wrong, we will spend our money to try to fill the hole or right the wrong, on an endless stream of products. As we take the responsiblity on, to program our realization of completeness, or "holiness," which is what we do, beginning from the point of accepting our own Root Life Energy, our sexual energy as sacred and divine, we set the stage for life accepting expressions in the physical form. We heal, and go on to experience increasing empowered states of "BEing."

If you visited with MaKrystan before, and not returned, consider following up your visits, so that you move forward with this very significant life enhancing process to be had on the Tantra Path of Enlightened Conscious Awareness. She is available for in person private visits and phone consultations. Also, stay tuned in and participate in the workshops and group circles. Never before has the responsibility for allowing this positive shift to happen in you become more important than it is now. With all the noise, turmoil and uncertainty we are experiencing in our world today it is a priority that we become centered in accepting the significance of sacred essence, the Sacred Conscious/Energy that comprises our primal Root Life Energy. But it doesn't stop there. It just begins there!

If you have not visited with MaKrystan or the attended any of the events the OT hosts, consider getting in touch today. She is available to singles, for couples and for groups. Groups are probably the most economical way to get this work. IF you have at least six, or as many as 20 people interested in TANTRA, contact Krystan and host a workshop. This is a fun, interesting significantly important fun and therapeutic way  to spend your time, and power is always magnified in groups! Call Makrystan today and ask about hosting a Tantra workshop/party.

Deepak Chopra, below: speaks on the power of intention in healing and empowerment. The Ormes Temple teaches a meditation technique called BIF, (Breath Intention and Focus.)  Krystan learned, back in the late 70's and early 80's that these three elements are key to producing consciously, within your body and within your world. Out of these three "focus" is the most difficult to harness. We are all very conditioned to switch our focus, constantly, especially now, in this high tech information age. We are constantly being bombarded with stimuli. It comes in the form of energized messages that ultimately affect the formation from within our BEing, (in-formation.) This, is turn is then reflected in the world around us, and a viscious cycle is put into effect. In order to break this cycle, we must first interrupt it, by doing something our body doesn't expect, like eratic breathing, (breathing in a highly irregular way, without pattern), or moving the body eratically, or even making eratic vocal tones. After having done this for 5 to 10 minutes, you are ready to begin the BIF process. Krystan also learned that if you can get two of these three elements, (breath, intention and focus) under your conscious control, the third will follow automatically. Since "focus" is the most difficult to harness, we begin with conscious breathing with intention. As this is done, focus falls into place automatically.  BIF is a fundamental skill that is used in many ways for many objectives in the Tantra practices. MaKrystan uses BIF to help us release old negative distortion patterns held in our neuro-net and cellular memory. She also uses it to help you to consciously move Pranic Life Energy through your body and to specific areas of the body. It can be used to increase or diminish intensities in the body, mind,  and emotions. BIF is fundamental to so much in Tantra. As you continue your journey with MaKrystan and through the OT you will lean more and more, which like mathematics, builds upon itself as you move through your objectives to your ultimate goal, conscious awakening in enlightenment. It is at this point that you fully realize who and what you are and accept the healing and empowerment that comes with it.  

CLICK HERE: To see more of our newly selected video clips now appearing on our Greatest Videos Page. Learn Mantra Vibrations to increase personal wealth and universal prosperity and so much more!


MaKrystan is now officially recognized as a Minister and therefore able to perform rites of passage, including birthing dedications, Last rites of transcendence,  marriages, couples counseling with certification, as well as the Tantric Rites of Passage including "Unclutching" "Personal Preparations" and "Joint Preparations" on all the relative levels, and so on. She is happy to work with you to make each dedication and rite of passage unique to your personal circumstances and focus. Please feel free to give her a call or drop an email to clearly let her know your interest. From there, we'll schedule a time to determine exactly what will be most meaningful and fulfilling for you.

Just call: 703-915-9178 or email her at

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A Note From "Krystan" : "The Trybal Queen"
Beloved Friends:
This is the season for new beginnings, new birth, new growth, and mighty ascensions! What is your focus on during this auspiscious season?  What ever it is you decide you want to bring into your reality, know this: "Intensity" is the key to making it all happen.
Last June I spent a wonderful 5 days in San Jose in the presence of Paramahansa Nithyananda from India.  In his own words, we learned , "Intensity is the unfailing way. Living Enlightenment is being vibrantly intense in everything."
 Learning to maintain an intense focus continously, in regards to all you do and all you are in all you seek and all you experience with a constant flowing presence, urgent but certain and calm is the idea here.
Quotes on "Intensity" from Swamigi Paramahansa Nithyananda
"Only when the urge becomes urgent, when the question becomes a quest, does the ultimate happen."
"If you stay without moving your body when you are overpowered by any emotion, even once, immediately you will be liberated from that emotion."
"The moment you are lost in the action, you become like a flute on the lips of Existence Itself."
"Be Still and Know that "I AM" GOD!"  (Holy Bible)
Paramahansa Nithyananda has over 500 discourses, presently available, freely, on youtube. Please check him out. If you are able to attend any of his workshops, do so. You will experience a major shift in your progress with certainly. We can learn many thing through external sources, When we reach a true sense of enlightenment, we notice much is simply downloaded straight into our conscious awareness, actually released from the depths of our god/goddess essence in the midst of us which is also interconnected to the Quantum Every Extending and Expansive fields of Conscious/Energy...the Collective, GOD. When the opportunity comes around to be in the presence of a highly enlightened Master, take it. Grab onto it, passionately. Some things require such an experience. The opportunity would not have presented itself, if it were not meant for you. Just Do it! You'll be so happy that you did. NOTHING COMPARES!
If we really want to experience the multi-orgasmic experience and ultimate living bliss we will have to come to know our inner world and the essence of our being, the power of our true essential "Being." This is well beyond the mechanics of our computer like nervous system, wih its neuro nets and peptides, its sense interpretations, storage and comparative analysis. Of course, we can learn to apply a few physical "feeling" enhancement tricks, but feeling them is thwarted by our own tendencies of distraction and limited  our ideas of experience, determined by what we have experienced before. 
Living in an environment where so many pieces of information are competing for our top level of consciousness, we've become unable to focus purely on any one thought for more than 6 seconds at a time.We have been conditioned to always turn our attention outward, and to place it on so many things simultaneously, that we are often functioning in a diluted state of awareness. We cannot rest deeply. Thus many of us have repeating periods throughout the day, in which we go unconscious, running on auto-pilot, we loose our keys, forget out course, do damaging things to ourselves without making a conscious decision about it. We become re-active, on auto-pilot, repeating earlier programs we've developed along the way. We've become slaves to our auto nervous system, and the false ego it has developed to run it. We mistakenly think that false ego is our true identity and we accept limitation where in reality, we have only manifested a false sense of limitation. We go on blindly patting ourselves on our backs for our ability to multi-task. Yet when we take our consciousness and spread it out so thinly, the force of our consciousness is indeed diluted, and therefore weakened easily penitrated by the influences of fear and hate based messages, inspiring alienation, division and an overdrive of fright or flight, born out of feelings of frustration, having not penetrated our expectations to the heights that we so desire. Think about it. We are surrounded with astounding terror, in our new reels, our professional circles, our friends and family gossip channels. We live so long in this suspiscious state that we're missing in our own action! Through the practices Tantra Yoga has to offer you will re-establish your 'self' in the essence and authority of your "True Self," and realize your connection with the All & All. You will realize your ability far surpasses the limitations this matrix has convinced you of. How can we enjoy the heights of our creative essence, our sexual energy and love consciousness? We are never at peace, not within and certainly not with any other. Many say, "I don't have time....."  This is true! Time isn't something we have. It's something we make. Time is merely an abstract concept...a measurement of rhythms. We have made time to measure these repeating verses occuring in rhythmic patterns. Reality is infinite and eternal. So....we "make" time for the things that are important to us. The truth is, yes, that we don't have time, but that we don't do what is in our power. That is we don't make time. Because when we say we don't have time, we mean, what we are ask to take the time to do has not attained the level of priority to move us to make the time for it. Yet, we are talking about peace, bliss, ecstasy, healing, stopping and reversing aging, manifesting our desires as well as our destiny, experiencing a more perfect unity and joy. The question becomes, If we say these things are important to us, and would so greatly improve the quality of our precious lives, how could we not have time for this? Why would we not make time? Why do we just keep making time to continue in the same old things, as though we are expecting different results? Is that insanity? Or maybe, lazy? These are the limits the false ego has bound us with. However, we don't have to accept them. We are more powerful than Truth!
Interrupt the pattern and take command of your servant, the firey being within, that nervous system that has taken control and bound the strength and true essence of YOU, (Like the strong man, bound in his own house.) You have "immortal genes" within your DNA. Yaheshuah once said, "I call yee gods and goddesses, and yet......" (Holy Bible)  The point is, YOU ARE Gods and Goddesses. Waking up, is the dawning of Enlightenment. Wake up Beloved Ones, wake up! It is your destiny.
We become so reactive that we can't stay still long enough to experience anything in fullness, let alone that which is going on in the midst of us! We want to connect in love with others. extentions of ourselves, yet we afraid of our own inner essential being. With what are we reaching out? With what power do we grasp? Is it any wonder that we begin to manifest so much violence inwardly, when we are constantly entertaining violence externally? Is it any wonder our bodies eventually display stress in so many ways? (Hair thinning, weight building up to shield us, touch errupted skin, allergies, tumors, these are just a few of our bodies' expression of disruptive stressors.  This all happens first on more subtle levels, like our emotional and mental bodies. Such conditions are even carried over in our DNA, and in our souls from those who have lived before us, and continue to live through us. The affects of distress upon our physical bodies is the last expression. To heal the stress expressed in our physical bodies requires that we heal it at it's more subtle root existence. If Love is the healing energy, and it is, we must first be present to experience it. Getting present within is the first step. Becoming acquainted with the energy of Love we manifest there is the next step. Fueling, nuturing and exercising the Love within will then eventually give us the strength and intensity to extend it and enjoy the blissfulness of our own infinite loops of Love. It is attainable for anyone who truly wants it! In fact, if you do intensely want this Tantric Reality in your life, you will no doubt recieve it, for the truth is still there in the age old yet timeless statement, " Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened to you. Ask and it shall be given unto you. " You will soon discover that the Love you are searching for IS the very essence of YOU! You will have discovered, fueled, nurtured, strengthened and expanded your very "Being." Perhaps not knowing how you would do it, or when it specifically occured. That's because it has come from your Truth, the Creative Power of the Divine Mind. Wake up, Beloved, wake up!
As We Touch, Be Ever Wonderful, Remembering Always : "YOU ARE DIVINE!"
Namaste in Nithyandam
Krystan AlecSandra-Bray
AKA: Trybal Queen
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The past year has opened the door for a few things. Consequently, I have developed a heart that sings in gratitude daily, and rests in gratitude through the night's inspiration.
ALthough you can still view Krystan's videos, as of late, Krystan's youtube connection to "YourTrybalQueen" has broken down. The passwords are not working, and new ones aren't being set for some reason. Krystan will be starting an new youtube connection under TrybalQueen. Stay tuned for new youtube visits.
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Learn the Tantric

Secrets to unfold


Timeless mind


Ageless Body


MaKrystan entered her 56th Earth Year. She is now 56 chronological years old as of August 11th, Mentally, anywhere from 10 to 110, emotionally...anywhere from 2 to infinity, spiritually, from well over 5000 to infinity!

The truth is, we die and are re-born daily.  

Western Medicine  documents for those

who practice Tantra and other forms of Meditation regularly, tend to be at least 10 years

younger biologically than their chronological age suggests. Krystan has had a lifetime full of trials

and tribulations. These have given her great empathy and strength. But trust and believe, soft living 

is not the reason for her stayed youthfulness. If you ask her what her secret is she will tell you 

Meditate, Meditate, and when you finish, Meditate again! Realize your god/goddess immortality.

Diet and excersize have their values, but what good is the best of nutrients if your neuro net lacks the

ability to allow the nutrients to be processed for your body to enjoy? What good will the exercise do if you are focused

on self destructive thoughts, opinions and judgements about yourself? Will you realize your beauty through it all.

Meditation implies focusing. Be focused on what you are doing when ever you are doing it. Realize deeply that what

ever is happening is auspiscious. Soon these very thoughts, on which you focus will interrupt the Life-Killers developed

over time in your neuro net system. Oh yes, you little ego will chatter, yell and scream for awhile. Its afraid of dying. Just assure it

 that it has a place with you, and you will direct it with more love and compassion that it has ever known. Keep going back to your

focus, again and again, with patience and love. We all have our work to do, just as Krystan continues to have her work.

However, Tantra reunites your inner tree of life with it's root, your Shakti Energies with your Shiva Consciousness, within, you with

a quality union without, that union with the union of others, family, friends, community, world, all in away that will bring you joy.

If we are not connected with our root life energy, (sexual energy) how then can our tree of life flourish? Such a "start" cannot be denied.

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Thoughts shared through our beloved brother, Stan:

Easy vs. Difficult

Easy is to judge the mistakes of others
Difficult is to recognize our own mistakes
Easy is to talk without thinking
Difficult is to refrain the tongue
Easy is to hurt someone who loves us
Difficult is to heal the wound
Easy is to forgive others
Difficult is to ask for forgiveness
Easy is to set rules
Difficult is to follow them
Easy is to dream every night
Difficult is to fight for a dream2pm1.jpg
Easy is to show victory
Difficult is to assume defeat with dignity
Easy is to admire a full moon
Difficult to see the other side
Easy is to stumble with a stone
Difficult is to get up
Easy is to enjoy life every day
Difficult to give its real value
Easy is to promise something to someone
Difficult is to fulfill that promise
Easy is to say we love
Difficult is to show it every day             
Easy is to criticize others
Difficult is to improve oneself
Easy is to make mistakes
Difficult is to learn from them
Easy is to weep for a lost love
Difficult is to take care of it so not to lose it
Easy is to think about improving
Difficult is to stop thinking it and put it into action
Easy is to think bad of others
Difficult is to give them the benefit of the doubt
Easy is to receive
Difficult is to give
Easy to read this
Difficult to follow

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angelbrideSekinah.jpgTHE ANGELS ARE WITH YOU



The Wisdom of Solomon

Shekinah is the Supreme Spirit
devoted to the good of all people . . .

She shines bright in the bloom of ignorance;
She is unfading;
She is easily seen by those who love Her;
easily found by those who look for Her,
And quickly does She come to those who seek Her help.

One who rises early, intent on finding Her, will not grow weary of the quest--
For one day he will find Her seated in his own heart.

To set all one's thoughts on Her is true wisdom,
And to be ever aware of Her is the sure way to perfect peace.
For Shekinah Herself goes about in search of those who are worthy of Her.

With every step She comes to guide them;
in every thought She comes to meet them . . .

The true beginning of spiritual life is the desire to know Shekinah.
A desire to know Her brings one to love Her.
Loving Her enables one to follow her will.
Following Her will is the sure path of immortality.
And immortality is oneness with God.
With all your thrones and scepters you may rule the world for a while,
But take hold of Shekinah and you will rule the world forever.

The above is: "The Wisdom of Solomon" (50 BCE)
 written by an unknown Jewish sage living in Alexandria.
By custom, however, it is ascribed to King Solomon (10th century BCE).

Krystan's comment:  Let us be mindful that the "Kingdom" (Queendom, if you are a woman) is WITHIN.  In the explanation of "Shekinah" we come to understand the "Light that is the Life of us, which the darkness doesn't understand," (as spoken in the book of John in the Bible) is the very Spirit of us that is our God or Goddess essence, our immortal, infinate and eternal being. 

THE HOLY SHEKINAH SPIRIT means "presence of God" and relates to the feminine aspect of the Holy Trinity. It is the energy that sanctifies from within the dimension of matter or the Holy Spirit. Shekinah is the visible manifestation of the divine presence.

Among the Hebrews one of the traditional names of God is the Shekinah, and, interestingly, it is a feminine gender noun. Many Hebrews saw her as the mother or feminine aspect of God. The early scribes (later called rabbis) added Shekinah in biblical verses where the verb shakhan is used in relation to God. Shakhan literally means "to dwell" or "to live with", or even "to pitch one's tent." The Shekinah means the God-Who-Dwells-Within, and developed primarily after the destruction of the Temple of Solomon in 587 BCE, especially as it proffered hope to a people lost in bitter exile. To console an Israel in Diaspora, the comforting, forgiving and loyal presence of the Shekinah emerged. In the Talmud it says: "They were exiled to Babylon, the Shekinah with them. They were exiled to Egypt, the Shekinah with them."

The Shekinah eventually became an interchangeable term with the Holy Spirit in both Judaism and Christianity. She is often pictured as a bird or dove. In Christianity the Holy Spirit is seen as the Advocate, Guide and Comforter (John 14:16-26 and Acts 9:31), and we can clearly see the Judaic origins of this tradition. There is even a more direct connection to the Hebrew tradition of the Shekinah, as St. Paul, the former Pharisee, stresses the indwelling nature of the Holy Spirit throughout his famous passage in Romans 8: "But you are not in the flesh; you are in the Spirit, since the Spirit of God dwells in you." (Romans 8:8) There is even a universalist tradition in some Hebrew Midrash writings: "I call heaven and earth to witness that whether it be Gentile or Israelite, man or woman, slave or handmaid, according to the deeds which he does, so will the Holy Spirit rest upon him." This is reminiscent of John's report of Jesus' statements to Nicodemus, when Jesus said: "The wind [Spirit] blows where it chooses . . . " (John 3:8), that is, the Holy Spirit will serve all peoples, not just Christians or Jews. 

The above words are taken from and were composed there. For the complete comentary visit the site. It is beautifully done. It elegantly points out that originally neither Judaism or Christianity represented the God as male and not female, or that any one group of people had a monoply of God over any other group of people.   

Krystan's comment:In our latter day Euro-Christian teachings many of us have lost touch with the Feminine Expression of the GOD. For so long we have been subjected to the image of an elderly pale skinned man in a white robe with long silver hair sitting somehwere on high. Yet, with just a little research we find that we have become unbalanced by teachings that have hidden the natural polarity that is consistent throughout creation, and the Source as well. We have been lead to deny our God/Goddess essence, being filled with fear for even  the utterance of it. A cruel trick was waged upon us by an elect few who seperated themselves out, and flipped our beliefs with incomplete knowledge designed to trap us into a complete attitude of enslavement and servitude for their own selfish desires under the fear of eternal damnation if we should be so daring as to recognize who and what we really are, and take our power back.


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Are you in tough spot, having trouble seeing the forest for the trees? About to throw the baby out with the bath water?


Let me help you tune in to what the Angels are Saying! Belive me, they are always with you.

Formulate your question in your mind. Be as specific as possible. Then, call me.

I will do an Angel Reading for you.

If you like, I can teach you now to channel in on the Universe's messages to you. You are never alone. There's communication going on all the time. We've just become so conditioned to looking another way that we have become numb, deaf, blind and dumb to it all. But it's there, and I can help you to re-discover it again.

In the meantime, if you'd like help now. Contact me. I am here for YOU!