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The Ormes Temple Introduces Carl Coleman, the Crystal King to fulfilling your crystal needs: purchase crystals to aid your psychic growth & spiritual enlightenment, healing, vitality, prosperity and empowerment

Crystal holistic therapies : The various uses of crystals for healing, empowering, for clairvoyance and telepathy, inspiration and manifestations. 

 A Brief History between Carl and Krystan, the "Crystal King" and the "Trybal Queen" 

 From the time I met Carl, almost twenty years ago, it was obvious that he was a gifted seer. He was also one of the most kind and considerate men I had met in a long time. I had just completed my certification education requirements to practise as a licensed Massage Therapist. As we became friends, I noticed Carl took a quick deep interest in energy work and the all the literature I had on the subject. He had read both Barbara Brennan's books, and quickly put the information into applied consciousness. I was just beginning to really understand energy from the perspective of how it was appearing to me, and how it was affecting me,  I'd been going through Reiki trainings, along with Zero Balancing and Polarity Training and a lot of old stagnant energy was breaking up. Loads of negativity I had tucked away in my unconscious awareness was coming up to my consciousness.  Although new to the academics of the field, Carl had an innate ability to "see" and to heal. With a devout heart, quick wit, long patience he spent hours with me, freely, helping me to emerge from a stagnant web of dark grayish energy, so thick, that at times, I couldn't even see my own image in the mirror. All I saw was this dark web-like cocoon of energy encasing my body. 

In the mean time, Carl accompanied me to various "favorite" shops, and quickly developed an affinity for crystals. He could feel them readily, and at times, even hear them speak to him.  As he looked at the jewelry on display he said, "I always wanted to make jewelry. I could do this!" I responded, " it!" Just like that it was done. By the way, that was always one of Carl's favorite expressions, "done!" And guess what.....what ever he applied that expression to... really was done! "  He quickly mastered his craft. I was sure he'd done this before. Added to all the gifts in Carl's Hue-Manifested Being, he quickly developed a strong relationship with crystals, which lent themselves to his gifts expressing themselves in life coach guidance and brought forth a vehicle for his healing work to be expressed. 

Carl patiently worked me through a major emergence in my life way back then. He took me through the pain, the darkness and the web, through early life memories and past life regressions. Our consciousnesses and spirits intertwined which has proved the years to be an everlasting bond of Divine Love, expressed in an undying friendship. crystalbed.jpg

Ormes Temple Pesents Carl Coleman, "The Crystal King" for your Crystal Needs

I Am delighted to present this announcement of his services and his great work of healing and empowerment that goes hand in hand with the Tantra Interests at the level of Fore-Giving, (letting go of something first to make the space for something greater,) and realigning the physical hardware, even down to the energies of the physical nervous system and the cellular memory.  As we work through preparing our hardware, (the body) to handle the software, (heightened frequencies of Divine god/consciousness and goddess/energy, the Ormes Temple is dedicated to touching on all aspects of Tantra Tradition and related interests to get the job done. Crystals offer a strong and evident assistance, helping you to progress along the Tantra Path of Enlightenment. Carl offers a strong and evident assistance for your personal relationship with crystals.

What To Expect

When you contact the "Crystal King," he will schedule a consultation with you, in person or by phone, and you will see his work firsthand. If you are opened enough to take his recommendations, you will find the properties of the crystals working in your life, helping to eliminate the negativity and aligning you to enjoy the miraculous dance of Divine Love that creates your reality, enhancing joy, peace, love & enlightenment. He will also assist you in tuning into crystal energy and consciousness for yourself. Whether you set your crystals in jewelry, or put them in your pocket, or set them around your house or in your garden, the Ormes Temple presents the Crystal King to assist you on a personal level, just for you, with your crystal benefits.  


The Amythest Crystal prompts trascendence. It is the innermost wall of the New City of Peace, or New JeruSalem in the book of Revelations. Most certainly our transformation begins from innermost depths of our being; the Shushumna Channles of Divine (Life) Goddess Energy with its flowering Chakras of Divine (Order) God Consciousness. These lie deep, deep inside even the central nervous system. Like the Tree of Life and the Tree of the fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil grew in the same spot of the Garden of Eden, which was the very deepest center. ABove, Krystan rests in the midst of large crystals, many of which are Amythests.

For Something Beautiful and One-D'er-Full   

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celestitecluster1.jpg This BEautiful Celestine Cluster draws Angelic Energies, with all the High Frequencie Consciousness to bring you beautiful downloads of incredible and valuable insights. MaKrystan has a very large cluster, one of a kind, setting on her balcony. Ever since its presence there, doves have frequented the balcony in large numbers. Since they had never appeared on her balcony before the stone was placed there, it is believed that the stone's energy/consciousness has drawn this beautiful symbol of Divine Love and Peace.
A smaller cluster sets on her coffee table in the living room, sustaining and nurturing a peaceful habitat. MaKrystan loves this beautiful sky blue sparkling stone. It is beautiful to behold and brings beauty into any atmosphere in which it is placed.
Upon hearing of troubled relationships between lovers, friends, and business associates, she has placed the smaller cluster over a picture of those envolved and received reports back that the troubles were either worked through, or dissolved as though nothing was ever there!


There are many stones, all waiting to befriend you with their energies and consciousness. They are beautiful compliments of the Divine Mother Earth to be cherished as she cherishes YOU with her gift of energized conscious minerals from her womb. For more information and guidance on how these marvelous Earth Life Forms can compliment your Life Experience; contact the "Crystal King," Carl Coleman, the gentle seer and compassionate healer, working through crystals. If you like or have a need to wear your stones close to your body, he fashions a special design out of the electromagnetic mediums of silver and (or) gold in has hand fashioned jewelry. They will be displayed soon here, but for now, be encouraged, Carl is available to speak with you at no charge. He will gladly share is designs and stones chosen specifically to fit your needs as you progress along the Path of Enlightenment. 

emerald2.jpgemerald.jpg These are photos of Emeral Stones. The first one is uncut, the second are cut and polished. It is believed that although the cut and polished stones are more attractive to they eye, the process may cause the stones to loose their "living" values. It is believed they are much more powerful in their natural state. Krystan has a friend who has a rather large raw Emerald setting on his table. She reports she can feel the energy from the stone radiating strongly from a clear 2 feet or more away from the stone. Emeralds are very powerful healing stones!


Contact the Crystal King, Carl Coleman at:

540- 842-9010

or email him directly at:


Citrine is a prosperity drawing stone. Placed in your wallet or pocketbook, it will draw an increase in finance through the most unlikely sources! You will be delightfully amazed as you are sure to know there are energies at work for you. The stone, like Lakshmi, draws wealth or prosperity beyond just money. Remember money is just a bartering medium, It is not the true source of provision. This stone draws the energies and builds the consciousness to tap into the Source that provides a wealth all things, in all ways and on all levels, such as; as well as a wealth on a material level, also a wealth of spirit and joy, in peace and even in love!  It breaks the poverty mentality on all levels, a distorted consciousness that blocks prosperity and wealth.  Krystan has given small stones to several of her friends, helping them to find enjoyable jobs, to find lost and unclaimed money, helping them to get great real estate deals.


thetemple.jpgCompliments or the Ormes Temple, supporting Tantra and Relative Interests for YOU!


Maria Georgio tells us in her "Crystal Awareness" Document of 1999: 

Crystals are Mother Earth's gifts to us, formed within Her body, they are living energy, in a way they are the keys to the Universe. Each particular type of crystal or mineral lapis-lazuli.jpgcan be seen as a key, and we can use these keys to access specific energies, whether that be for healing, meditation, protection, understanding, as well as a thousand other uses. Crystals have been mined and used for thousand of years, and can be seen in ancient crowns, regalia and jewellery. Lapis Lazuli was ground up into paint and was used to decorate temples and icons. 

The lapis journey is one of going into our own mysteries, into the illusions which we have accepted as reality. The reward for choosing to go into this darkness is symbolized by the golden light which shines in lapis' deep blue sky.

We all now know, from a Quantum Physics and Polarity perspective, that the entire worlds of form are energy vibrating at various rates of speed, with specific magnetic qualities and even states of consciousness. The notion of opposite and complimenting dual elements contained within ONE is a key factor existing in everything. Even at the plank scale level, observing the smallest of particles we discover the presence of energy and consciousness. The energy is obvious, in the quality of motion. The consciousness became evident with the experiments done showing how these particles/waives react when being watched compared to not being watched.


Herkimer Diamond, (double terminated quartz crystal) helps in recalling dreams, thus working through release as it comes up from the unconscious to the conscious awareness in symbols, thus clearing negativity. Also helps connection with astral plane and increases the power of manifestation manyfold. 

 In the Tantra traditions names have been ascribed to gods, (representing attributes of consciousness, light and the positive spectrum of polarity,) and goddesses, (representing attributes of energy or spirit or motion, along with sound and the negative spectrum of polarity.) Through the studies of Tantra along with its application we become in touch with the two primary elements that produces our formation, vehicle, vessel, grail, (all these different words just meaning our "body.") We see the interaction of the two compliments; energy and consciousness all throughout our being and on every level, spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and physically. As we continue the work, we become familiar with perceiving life from our true essence of Self, beyond the false identity that once ruled everything, the ego, which develops our of interpretation, stored memory, and comparative analysis performed by our nervous system. We discover we are more than the physical form, but have produced the physical form, from a quality of consciousness moved into being by spirit/energy. Our physical form is the production of the dance of Divine Love of our true "Being," consisting of the god and goddess element. Each of our own personal god/goddess essence comes from a primordial sea we call many things, Quantum Field, God, the Universal One, the Collective. We are like the drops of water in an infinite sea with infinite potential creating potential parallel Universes with varying degrees of change in the qualities of our energies and our consciousness. The drops of water are not the sea, except collectively. Thus each of us make up a greater body. Although our form my change in rhythmic fashion, our true essence is as infinite and immortal as the sea from which it evolves. Even our form possesses the signals of consciousness and energies through the DNA, passing on immortality, even on a physical level. Thus the barer nurturer of life, the quality of energy, the womb-man, Hue-man form of "Goddess" is always held in high reverence in indigenous populations and highly awakened populations. Both of these groups are perceiving life from the true essence of their "Being," god/consciousness and goddess/energy, fed by the greater body. Tantra, in this way, is specifically interested in restoring the reverence of the goddess, representing the energy that causes consciousness to be, which together, in an eternal dance of Divine Love, creates, destroys and creates the world of forms. 


"Every THING is moving/vibrating."

 Spirit/Energy is the Divine essence of Life. Consciousness is the Divne Order of Life. 

     WE are vibrating, You are vibrating. The more we learn to live from the essence of our god/consciousness, the more blissful our lives become, beginning with self, then between self and your mate or collectively between self and others. As our cells in our body become aligned with the consciousness of Divine Love, they vibrate in Divine LotusLove.jpgLove, healing the negativity stored in our neuro-net or cellular memory from past mis-education and traumas. These mis-educations and traumas have distorted our perspective of consciousness, and this affects our vibration and magnetism. Thus it eventually affects the state of our physical form, our bodies. Where there is a lack of peace, spiritually, emotionally or intellectually, this will eventually filter down into the body's cellular make up, as it attempts to renew itself, causing a reflection of that same lack of peace or dis-ease and weaknesses in the body. Distorted consciousness also distorts our magnetic quality, so that we draw into our lives the very things we fear, or hate, or make us angry. Fear, hatred, anger, even greed are all states of emotion. They operative root in the word emotion is motion, or spirit/energy, giving life to the distorted consciousness. Much of the early work in Tantra revolves around clearing the negative distortions blocking us from realizing our true god/goddess essence, and experiencing life from a Divine perspective, whole and complete...or "Holy." Crystals are an aid to us in lifting these negative distortions and correcting or magnetic quality

Chakranew7.jpgAgain from Mario Georgio: "Crystal Awareness" document of 1999

How Do Crystals Affect Us

We all have our own life/energy force, and we have energy points called chakras. We have seven major chakras, each has a specific function, when we're tired, stressed, unwell or depressed our chakras can slow down or even stop working (which really isn't that uncommon in the stressful society that we are a part of). Crystals are used by healers to help realign chakras, they can assist the healing process, and can be programmed for particular jobs.

Crystals have their own frequency/energy. Rose Quartz is a specific nurturing energy, A mother/love stone. If when you feel down you were to hold a cleansed Rose Quartz you will begin to harmonise with the frequency of the crystal, and absorb the feelings (frequency) of love and care into your aura.

Because of the profound affect crystals can have on your progression along the Tantra Path, the Ormes Temple has included this page to make the finest crystals available to you, with the added deminsion of a very gifted jewelry artist, Carl Coleman, AKA: "Crystal King." With almost twenty years in this craft alone, Carl uses his life long gift of auric vision and vibratory interpretation to help you to match the perfect crystal energy and consciousness with your own specific needs at that time and in your space.