Previous Tantra Groups and Classes
The History of the Past Tantra Annonymous Group

tpelerising.jpg Ormes Temple Presents Authentic Tantra through the Vedic and Kemetic Traditions of Ancient Healing & Empowering Sacred Sciences revealing the true POWER OF LOVE!



As of February of 2009 Virginia started a Tantra Anonymous Group sponsored by the Ormes Temple with Krystan AlecSandra-Bray. We offered three comprehensive Kriya/Tantra Classes, each consisting of four parts.  "Intro to Kriya/Tantra Yoga" : "Intermediate Kriya/Tantra Yoga" : "Advanced Kriya/Tantra Yoga."  This group met with resistence on the meetup site, and has gone underground. However:

In considering the uncertain times we, at the Ormes Temple feel that it is important to keep our doors open and interest alive. The methods taught and practiced in the Kriya/Tantra Yogic Technique help to strengthen us from within, which is most advantageous for the dealing with the calamaties we face externally in our lives. We set a climate for unity, trust and love that can only benefit us, both on an individual basis and collectively, giving us a forum on which to stand together in strength.

We once felt that offering these group meetup classes and mini-workshops would be an economical advantage for the participants to obtain these valuable teachings. We did not charge fees, but we did ask for support, as it is what would keep this valuable oppotunity open for all of us. There was a group of people on the meetup site that took issue with asking for any support what so ever, and felt they could offer the same quality learning opporunity on their own without support. They have since then taken over the Virginia Tantra meet up circle initiated by The Ormes Temple, and we wish them well. Meanwhile, Ormes Temple continues to offer Tantra teaching, guidance, coaching and experiences along with other related modalities and is dedicated to serving all true seekers. Our groups and circles are published through this website, for those whom the Universe so sends. Together, with our cumalitive efforts and support, we are able to offer free services to those in our community who cannot offer financial support, but have a serious desire to grow.  These are: 

Heart/Brain Coherency: A 2 hour Dis-Stress Workshop that utilizes a bio-feedback device, called "Em-Waive."

                                 A "Women for Sobriety" Group  and a Non-Violent Communications Group:

 We welcome true seekers to join with us, here, today, as we continue to spread enlightenment throughout this world and our Universe!   

Please don't hesitate to let us hear from you. Your comments, suggestions are much appreciated. If you have sensative issues you'd like to discuss in confidence, please feel free to contact Krystan at or by phone at:703-915-9178

Tantra Meditation - The best home videos are here

Kuji-In Chrakra Meditation (KYO: Male) - More free videos are here

Kuji-In chakra meditation (navel chakra) using a male voice and model. Mantra is " Om isha naya yantraya swaha" which means "Divinely, self-mastery as a tool,

General Teachings Covered in the Ormes Temple "Tantra Anonymous Groups" 

The Tantra Anonymous groups are affiliated with the Ormes Temple, a temple without walls, dedicated to the teaching, coaching and sharing in tantra interests.
We organize groups and run tantra workshops at entry level and beyond, covering a wide array of specific needs: 

Beginning Classes: Incld

1.  The history and understanding Tantra including but not limited to the Vedic and Netarian perspective

2.  Understanding of the Chakra System 
                               Pranyamic Breath techniques for clearing old triggers and associations that lead to unwanted behaviors and thwart self growth and realization.

3. The BIF Process: ("BIF" Breath Intention and Focus) : The foundation required for further meditation and postural exercises, (asanas) that:
                           Increase ability to sustained focus: conscious movement of life energy throughout the body, increasing self awareness and help to release old patterns in our                                         body, mind and emotions, affecting a cleansing and creating space for healing, empowerment, ecstacy & joy to take its place.

                           Basic Asana poses are introduced to assist in conditioning the physical body,(hardware) to be able to channel the high powered life energiy(software.)    

The early Tantric teachings are geared toward aquainting the individual with "Self."  This requires developing the skill of tuning "Into" Self, withdrawing the senses deep within for extended periods of time. Most of us can only hold our focus on one thing for about 2 to 5 seconds at best. The system we live in conditions us to be this way, as we are constantly being bombarded with information. This is a basic skill necessary for those of us who wish to intensify energy and magnetism, essential to the Multi-Orgasmic Sensations indicative of the state of "alive-ness."  

As we develop the ability to "BE" with Self, we will begin to uproot the deep distortions and blockages stored in our unconscious level of awareness. These must be cleared, given up first, or "fore-given" in order to clear the path for the Shakti/Life Energies to rise with ecstatic results. To assure the quality and significance of this progress, it is important to maintain close contact with your teacher. In addition to the group work, MaKrystan, (AKA: Trybal Queen) offers individualized coaching, both in person and by phone to assure the best of quality as you grow through past mis-information and traumas. She is here for you, to work closely, making sure that your needs are met promptly for the best results possible.

COUPLES: The Ormes Temple offers Beginners Workshops for couples. When working with couples we work with establishing intense communications, including verbal, sensory, and energy magnetic considerations. We delve deep into the sancity of UNION, understanding Self and Extention of Self, as in the case of two unifying as ONE. Course work here, far surpasses the generalized Karma Sutra physical techiques, although attention is given to them. You will move deeper, into the very essence of BEING, developing the intensity of a Sacred Union through specific techniques lending to the development of Energy and Magnetism shared between two as ONE, optimizing pleasure, joint empowerment, enriching the relationship with vitality, wellness, prosperity, peace and joy.  

Intermediate & Advanced classes expound upon all the subject matter started in the beginning class, taking you deeper, heightening & expanding your level of awareness and intensity, liberating you from distortion issues on increasingly deeper levels. Additional Meditation technique is introduced on this level for specific results.

Intermediate Level classes focus on these specifically, with special attention given to profound deep healing, allowing increasing fullness of opening. Various massage tecnique, and energy modalities such as Para-Tan, Reiki, Seichim and Polarity are shared at this level.

Advanced Levels will focus on increasing fullness of opening and cover sharing and working with others from: the social position ; the sacred union ; exploring the roles of Priestess and Priests ; Gods and Goddesses ; options available in sharing, teaching and coaching.   

All Levels include Rituals of Rites of Passage                                    



"Warming the Earth"
Getting in touch with Life Energy from the root to crown.
Introduction to Exercises/Asanas: for flexibility
to release frozen energies at pelvic level and
restore the flow of Life Energies from the root.
helpful with PE and ED problems

Intensity: The difference between enlightenment and non-enlightenment is the intensity of awareness. Explore various techniques to maximize intensity in everyday life.

Anatomical Pleasure Enhancers: Intro Karma Sutra & Energy/Magnetic Empowerment :

Specifics for Women to Men : Men to Women :  and  the Androgynous Being

"Divine Love Nourishment"
Introduction to foods and cleansing
considerations to heighten the experiences
Introduction to Sexual Considerations for
heightened intimacies, prolonged ecstasy
Incld: self pleasuring, toys, setting sacred
space, intimate communications & more.

Other Mini workshops include these various topics: including but not limited to:
Heightening Intimacies : Tantra
Magik : Self Realization and Self Actualization : "Life After Life" Near Death and Deathing process: for those experiencing it and for those left behind : 
Various Course in Rituals: Mantras, Yantras, Mandulas, Mudras  : Fore-Giving, Re-membering :  Power of Dance :  The Power of Water :   and much more.

You can request these Classes and Mini-workshops. You provide the group and the Ormes Temple will provide the Classes or Workshops. There are no fees, but your donations do help to support the Temple and make these Classes and Workshops, along with so many other services possible. The Ormes Temple is legally qualified as a tax deductable church or religious organization, thus your donations are tax deductable. We are working secure grant funding, so that we may reach out deeper and further, bringing enlightenment to all seeking.

The Ormes Temple presents these workshops periodically throughout the year. Notice is always given at least a month in advance. Be sure to subscribe to our news letter to stay informed.

Your questions, comments, suggestions and ideas are much appreciated. Let your voice be heard.

Also, your services and donations are equally appreciated. Please let us know how you'd like to serve.