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Tupac at Malcolm X Grass Roots Movement Speech | MySpace Video

Tupac talks about the Black/African experience and who it is that comprises the real village that raises one child, the pimps and hustlers of the streets has taken the time out to affect our children in the streets.
Below is one of the most contrivercial thought provoking reality adjusting movie documentaries ever to hit the screen in full length composition of 2 hours. Not because we at Ormes Temple attest that it holds any absolute truth. Not at all! The ideas and views offered in this documentary are controversial to what we normally hear and learn of. Therefore, it offers us the opportunity to "think." The truth is derived through objective attention, indepth research and critical analysis utilizing our Neo-Cortex brain system, beyond the ingrained habit patterns in the limbic system of the brain. We have the capacity, developed through Tantra and other related forms of meditation to heighten the capacity of our intelligence, even to tap into the infinitely expansive collective intelligence. Use this entertaining thought provoking documentary to participate in exercises that allow you to become increasingly aware of what goes on in you as well as in your collective relationships with your expanded being throughout the expanses of time, space and beyond.


This is a two hour full length movie, not a trailer. When you click to view, realize it doesn't jump right into action, and as a matter of fact has a rather long intro with just audio and not striking visual to it. Within the first 2 to 5 minutes however, you will find yourself in the midst of crusially significant viewing for your consideration. DO NOT SLEEP!

Call your friends and view the whole of this experience, discuss it and you decide where to go from here. We owe it to ourselves to wake up! The Awakening is in Progress. 
The Revolution has already begun, and the truth it is not televised! 
Click on the screen below! got "ZEITGEIST"
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Ashe / Hotep and as always, Namaste

Your Trybal Queen, Krystan AlecSandra-Bray   

Netarian Traditions of Yoga teach the Unity of All. Listen here to what Rasta Damian Marley has to say about Love in this day and age, and ages past have reflected the message he brings, even in this song.

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thone019.jpgKhemetic and (or) Netarian, (called "Egyptian" today"), the Wisdom from the Temple walls IS the earliest evidence of Tantra Yoga
It is the wisdom or teachings that have been amassed and transcribed from the Temple Walls of ancient Egypt or Khemet. The Temple Walls is where the scribes aurakhem.jpgkept their literature. The Temples were the Universities of the day. Students spent many long years, from childhood up, learning, going through rites of passage and mastering Languages, Mathematics, Science, Arts, Spirituality, Politic, all forms of teachings. The priest and priestess were also scientists, doctors of the era. Even Yaheshua, (Jesus) would command those whom he had healed, "Go and tell no one. Go and show yourself to the Priests."  In as much as he said this, he was saying, "Let the doctor now have a look at you, and confirm your renewed condition," There is documentation that Yaheshuah did, in fact, study in Egypt, the ancient lineage of wisdom there, the Yogic Tradition, as it was taught through the Temple histories of Asar, Aset and Heru and all the gods and goddesses that represent the many attributes of the Sacred Unified ONE, Ra. AmunRa:
The Netarian Tradition, as we term it, here at the Ormes Temple, is steeped in the Yogic teachings which the Vedics parallell. These teachings spread far and wide, and show themselves up throughout many modalities. We bid you, open your heart and mind and recognize the similarities, these unifying factors, forsaking the old paradigm that called for a separative perspective. For too long we have suppressed our natural essence in an identity crisis putting us into the throws of self uncertainty, shame and guilt, hatred, greed and lust. We were primed for division, pitted against one another for fear of never being good enough. We fought and murdered to maintain the illusions ofsuperiority over a projected inferiority. We tortured and were tortured. We maimed and were maimed. We caused suffering and we suffered. We danced for a piece of the Devil's pie, and became blind with drunkeness of the blood of the saints while we sold our sons and daughters for a tainted deed to a piece of land in heaven sold to us by a crook and a lier.
 For while life expresses itself in beautiful diversity, it also expresses  likenesss. This is so by the law of equal and opposite attraction and balance. As we come into the awareness of our likenesses we grow passed the need to prove a superiority. We've yearned to have more, do more, see more and be more than anyone else, yet we could not quell the emptiness we felt inside for having bought into the karmic devastations of isolation. We woke up to find that we are alone, without a clue to how to live together, how to love, how to experience One-ness with more than just our own selfish embodiment of one. "One" became the loneliest number horus.gifinstead of the collective whole, the "Holy" ONE, which IS ALL in ONE. One Love became an exclusive possession instead of a gift shared between and among us all.  We couldn't even be with "Self" for fear of the pain and monstrous horror we may find within. Yet it is time for auralotus.jpgthe nightmares we've concocted to end, and for the morning star to  gently bring an awakening. The monstrous horrors are merely the reflections of the memories stored in our physiology, and the physiology is but form that comes and goes. It is but Maya, illusion, grown out of the mis-takes of many lives. We have had to venture through many more lives to re-take those mis-takes and now we are here. We are awakening to find that we are not that physiology, but something deep within it, We must wade through it to find our True Essential BEing.  When we do, the illusion of horror looses its grip and power. For enlightenment occurs, and enlightenment is our own awakening, a coming into awareness of the True Essential BEing. When we become aware of our True Essential BEing, we discover we ARE that True Essential BEing, and not at all what we thought, or felt in our physical network of compiled comparative data. It is then that words like "Rapture," "Ascension," "Atonement" even "Born Again" become more than the empty euphemisms we read and spoke in empty rituals while we continued to plummet down through hell. They become alive with clarity, for they become the experience, and thus they are 'Living Words" redefining our external reality according to the deep sense of knowing... peace, love and unity the truth has at last revealed, all from the midst of deep within.   We've grown beyond the need to annihilate life. For too long religious councils have allied themselves with the economic and political powers and lead their flock like lambs out amidst the wolves to be slaughtered. For too long we have looked to an external reflection to define our internal condition.  Even though we heard and read, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and then all else will be added unto you" for so long we didn't really apply it, did we? Even though we'd heard and read that the kingdom of God, and even God was present within our body, we didn't really get it. So we continued to buy into a lie that convinced us despite our most earnest intention, that we could not be God, but we could be like God, at least as we "imagined," at least on the outside, we could make it look that way, if we could just be rich enough, powerful enough, smart enough, light enough to be white enough, then dark enough to be black enough, to just be loved enough, even if we're in hell on the inside. So we would pray to this god somewhere out there to give us all these external things and promise to love and serve him if He would. So we came to live in a powerful country where you could get rich and powerful and smart and even buy love, (or lust,)  even if someone else had to suffer and die for it! And you could look and feel just like God, on the outside anyway, even though for some reason you felt like hell inside, but then there's always something you can take for that, right? Perhaps instead of a pill or other type of external remedy we could just take some deep breaths, and a long deep visit within. Perhaps then we would find the true god/goddess full of brilliant light, color and vibrational tones, harmonic waives, sound. 
Maybe once the external model seemed to be the truth, but today we know its not true, and in truth, its not working for us. Why? Because we're waking up all over the planet. What has been pulled asunder must be re-united. Tantra Yoga is about the weaving together back into the ONE. Netarian Traditions teach a clarity of this, through the representations of the various gods and goddesses or the "neteru" which are actually attributes present in us, in all life on the planet.
How did we forget that we are all ONE? We didn't notice that killing off others was like cutting of pieces of our own body. After enough self inflicted amputations we become so engrossed in so much pain and so disabled it would seem the only merciful thing to do would be to just go ahead and kill off the rest of the self mutilated body. Just end it!  Thus over the years we have witnessed many forms of self destructive behavior. We have eaten destructively, abused chemicals destructively, related to one another destructively, taken many destructive risks with our bodies and our planet. Today, having come so close to that self destructive "Suicide" we are awakening to decide life is truly worth living.
Here on this page, we have gathered some of the Netarian Wisdom in the form of links for your consideration: Eat responsibly. Take it slow. Chew this food well and give it time to digest. Come back for more as your conscious/spirit awakens and you feel the hunger pains, indicating you are ready for more. Also, its good to commune with those you love when you eat. It brings forth the good feelings of togetherness, releasing vital hormones and endorphins. That's why over the ages, people have always sat down to eat together, think and create and manifest more life in love together. So take sometime and let us hear from you. Your questions, comments, suggestions, even concerns are all welcome. This is a Yoga Site. Yoga is all about merging. Thus You are always welcome. This page will build as we build it together. Here at the Ormes Temple We are ONE, in ONE Love.  
Be Ever One-D'er-Fill! Remember you are DIVINE!
Trybal Queen, Krystan   

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