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This is a continuation of the videos Krystan starts out with on the Greatest Videos Page. If you haven't viewed those videos, it is suggested that you do so, as the information contained and discussed here, builds upon the information contained on the left top side of the Greatest Videos Page, located on the Navigation bar up top.
Once you have gone through the initial videos on the Greatest Videos Page, by Krystan, you will be prepared to go on here. It is suggested that you spend about two weeks digesting each topic. 
Gradually, you are giving you physical embodiment of your consciousness the opportunity to shift so that you can hold onto the growth. 

The hardware, (physical body) must be prepared for the software, (the heightened frequencies and heightened conscious expansions) in order to process these in the act of living. During your practice, you may find yourself undergoing some situations or circumstances that are different for you. Please do not hesitate to contact Krystan for her assistance. She is available for private sessions, in person and on the phone.
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7. Krystan speaks on How exactly does Tantra heighten sensuality and intimacy experiences?
      The benefits of being fully in the moment in your body!
The Specifics of Breath Technique

8.   KRystan speaks on Keigle exercises, with specifics on chakra visualization and intention that really work!
9. Special note to men on keigles and delaying ejaculation, and a few extra pointers just for men in using these exercises with BIF. 
    Krystan speaks on the importance of the focusing awareness strenghtening applied NOW!
    The introduction of how Sound is relevant in Tantric practice, as sound is carried in vibrational rate and carries communications between cells in the same body and between bodies. 
Complete with an intro demonstration with the first mantra/chakra sound vibration meditation awakening the root chakra power, known as Goddess/Bija presence within : She is using the sound LUM.

10.   Krystan takes you through a demo meditation with Bija Sounds, through the chakras to the crown chakra.Done on your own, you would repeat each sound from 5 to 9 times before moving to the next level of mantra.chakra Bija sound vibrations. However, even this abbreviated Demo meditation will have a effect.


NOTE: If you haven't done the earlier cleansing meditation through chakras 1-4 go back to the videos page and get that down first, before proceeding here. 

         Having not done work in the clearing meditation on the videos page, you may be moving beyond your capacity, sparking a rush of energy or conscious awakening before you are ready for it. 



Krystan reviews the techniques shared for applied practice that will help heighten sexual ecstasies and intimacies, and how they accomplish this goal. She speaks about how these help to increase awareness and relaxation, the key elements required to make these enhancements happen, on the Tantra Path.

1.  KRystan speaks about the terms of gods and goddess, what they can traditionally bring to mind for those of us brought up in regligous teachings in the West, and what it actually is. 
Information that can help you to open your heart and mind to understand the true concepts of gods and goddesses in Tantric Terms.

2.  Krystan relates the teachings of duality, complimenting opposite elements from the ancient teachings and how they relate to the New Testiment of the Bible, offering the Book of John teachings. 
She goes on to explain the relevance between the trinity in Christianity and the trinity in the tri-system in Vedic and Khemetic/Netarian Tantra teachings. This history of Goddess degenderfication in speaking of Divinine compliments within the ONE. HOW DOES THIS RELATE TO OUR DESIRE TO REACH HIGHER STATES OF INTIMACY WITHIN SELF AND OUR LOVED ONES.

3.  Krystan goes deeper into explaining the dual aspects within the one that produces the third element, form. She further discussed the break down of matriarchal representation in modern day patriarchal religious expressions, through degenderfication of the Divine element, and how this affects the human phsychi, creating inadequacies in intimacies within self and between men and woman, naturally designed to continue the manifestation of Divinity in form, the Hue-Man Being. A Theomorphic concept... 
4.   Tantra reinstates the Divine aspect back into the human equation, including the balance of both elements, producing the third.  empowering a completely different perspective on how we associate with our own sexuality and intimacy. Krystan speaks of the human tendancy to simply flip the script on an erroneous ideology, not really correcting it. (This is expressed in terms of the subject of balance, requiring the recognition of both Divine Elements that produce the Third, Matriarch + Patriarch = Manifestation of Divinity in Form, the off spring or "Child of Divinity," Divinity expressed in the physical manifested form "Hue" Light + "Man" The Intelligence of Light being Manifested through Energy or Spirit = "BEing" the Child of Divinity, in flesh form.   

5.   Krystan speaks of re-establishing a working awareness of our Androgenous state of being within us, the  Divinity of the goddess and god element within each of us. She points out many examples in which this is expressed in Sacred Sexuality.
This is the underlying life expanding benefits Tantra studies and practices yield for both men and women.
Discover why women are naturally prone towards the ability of manifesting, being energy/goddess dominate in the flesh: 
Discover why men naturally shorten the life span or lower their immune system through energy moving out, as in the natural tendency to ejaculate. 
Krystan further discusses the ability for each sex to experience both orgasmic benefits and ejaculatory benefits.
Calling up our power through mindfulness practices, expanding the ability to focus....thereby increasing the ability to manifest.

6. Krystan speaks on TAKING YOUR DIVINE POWER BACK! Recognising and overcoming the challenges that present themselves on the early path of the Tantra path, and the benefits of taking the time and energy to overcome the challenges. She really breaks down the various specifics of healings and empowerment. Don't miss this video, if you question the value of Tantra in any respect!



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