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 The Subject of Sacred Prostitution

  I have traveled my own Tantra Journey, I have come to the point in which the Ormes Temple is birthed. As the Divine Mother of this Love Child I wear many hats. In all the things I give, I give of myself in the teaching,

coaching and sharing of Tantra and related interest, for the awakening, healing and empowering enlightenment it brings to those I embrace in a Goddess'es love on

many levels. Along the way the subject of prostitution has come up, often times as a defamation and an attack upon my charector, integrity and moral values of

purpose for practicing Tantra. At times the attack has been a ruthless one waged even against me personally and upon the work that is my passion. Allegations of prostitution held

in the hands, hearts and minds of those I have loved most closely has wounded bonds and even severed relationships for lack of understanding, notwithstanding the

motivation to look beyond the surface of an outdated and adversarial reflection of a subjective enslaving interpretation of reality. Often times it has been those I have

loved most closely that have chosen to support a wall of opaque division, insulting and injurious. They have given me the gift of sure strength in my identity and in a

love that keeps me unblemished from all harm. They have taught me the power of a Divine Love through a process of self discovery within me, that defines me,

creates me and sustains me. It is the same Divine Love that has torn away the veil and revealed that the presence of annimosity and adversarial threat was only a mere

reflection of my own internal conditions of doubt, there to be outgrown and cast aside as the Divine Woman emerged with the empowering love of Quedishka. I offer the

following articles as an educational help to clarify the truth of this overstanding of the first conceived definition of the Divine Prostitute. For those who have embarked

upon the world's oldest profession, I offer this information up to you, that you not be overtaken in the pain of intentional degradation. That you be lifted to overstand a

greater purpose of a Divine Calling that brings an ultimate enlightening and peace on our Earth in our World that must begin within your own Divine BEing and Self.

There is a definite purpose that has been undermined and bastardized by a system that has wanted the whole of Divinity in form expressed to be forgotten, and all ties

to it be blocked and severed, and thus the power of such restoration has been brutally masked in subjectives opinions and judgements that would deter even the most

ardent seeker, when even the Power Herself, is unable to recognize the true gifts she is holding. Let every woman everywhere take stock in her own creation, her own

holistic or "holy" Theomorphic expression. Let every woman everywhere embrace her Divine Power in all that she is, including the Life Energy found in the amrita of her

sexuality. Let every woman everywhere release the guilt, shame and self hatred that has been instilled in her over the generations and with self acceptance and accept her

Divine role to bring a Divine Creation up to its heights with the tenderness of acceptance, and the strength and courage of defending and teaching, as the Divine

Mother/Lover/Goddess does; in every relationship exacting a balance of reciprosity through proper energy exchange for the lofty cause of Divine Expression Realized in Form. Be strong and wise

in your Love, that all you birth is strong and wise, each cell founded in Love, knowing itself in Love, connecting to the whole of itself,  (the Holy Self,) in Love. Let all

the Divine Mother births into form revere her, for She is Life in the equation of Creation. Love her in every cell of consciousness, for it is She who gives life to the

Divine Mind that defines creation. Be thee not given to extremes in either patriarchal or matriarchal worship, but seek ye balance in the unity of the two, remembering:

"First there is ONE, within which there is two, out of which comes many!"  She is the Holy Word that is with God and is God/Goddess, out of which all that is created is

made, and nothing that is made comes into being but by her. She is the gender of the Holy Spirit, the Living Word, the vibratory circulation the underlies the world of form in its coming in and going out...

She is the Rhythm of Life made manifest, born to live and die and live again..... She is the gift through which all that is Divine can know and experience Its Self! And by Divine Law of Reciprosity she exacts a price, 

an equal expression of energy exchange for the best of purposes, to support her in her supporting life and its knowing.


No, she does not sell her body, or sexual services for a price, agreeing to do and give you what ever

you demand for your few pieces of silver or gold. For the gifts of her giving you must be willing to support her temple, providing the means and way, clearing the path, that she be able to give, and give to you, life in abundance.

You do not demand anything for what yougive. 

But rather you must be willing to surrender to her guidance and teachings, which is in her nature to share with you. Your support forges the path that allows her to be there for and with you. In this way, she will lead you back to enlightenment. She will free you from the enslavement to the default habit behavior of your body's

physiology and return you to the Divine Wisdom that defined that entire system in the first place. For She is the Shakti that rises instinctively to join her Shiva, and it is out of the expression of these that your form was born.

She is the Aset/Isis that re-members her beloved Asar/Osiris, and who through their union manifests their own coupled expression in Heru/Horus.  When you find a true Tantrika, do not stumble over the

question of her Sacred Position, for she will lead you back to Self Realization in your own immortality.

A Sincere Word from the Trybal Queen, MaKrystan AlecSandRa 


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Professor of Religious Studies, David Gordon White - whilst cautioning against attempting a rigorous definition of tantra - offers the following working definition:

Tantra is that Asian body of beliefs and practices which, working from the principle that the universe we experience is nothing other than the concrete manifestation of the divine energy of the Godhead that creates and maintains that universe, seeks to ritually appropriate and channel that energy, within the human microcosm, in creative and emancipatory ways.[3]

According to Tantric practioner lama Thubten Yeshe:

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