Shri Param Eswaran Father of Para-Tan Mantra Sound Vibration Technique

Shri Paramji 
SriParam.jpgFor those of us who tap into Shri Param's video demonstrations of the Bija Sounds for healing and empowerment: Please notice of how he is making these sounds. They come from the fullness of the entire body. Thus your breath practices will be helpful in helping you to tap into the power of the sound vibration. Breath deeply, inhaling through the nostrils, pulling light in through the gait/root chakra, and up through each successive chakra, (Your chakra meditations increase your empowerment with this, as you become accustomed to visualizing and preceiving the power of the pranic light energy moving through each of these vortexes, as you are breathing in and up. You should feel the lower most abs expand, then the low abs, then the lower ribcage and diaphram, the lungs, drawing from the power of each of these chakras. Then as you continue your enhale, visualize the awakening in the throat, third eye and crown. Next, as you exhale, sound the mantra sound utilizing the power input from all these vortexes, pressing your abs back towards your spine slowly as you exhale the expanding sound of the mantra in a full vibrating tone. You may experience the tone shifting, vibrating, or other seemingly strange sound occurances. This isn't about making what we consider, beautiful singing like tones, but rather allowing the energy to present its own life power. It may not be something we consider attractive to our ear's conditioning. Stay open minded. Allow the sound to vibrate all through you, and simply do what it does naturally. Don't try to fight or inhibit or control it in any way. Breath it out completely, and then breath in, repeating the process. 
For questions, guidance, or to simply share your experience, please do let us hear from you.  Join us in our upcoming Para-Tan groups on Saturdays, starting in August. 
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Yoni Healing of Residual Trauma/Cellular Memories
• Understanding the Yoni’s important role as divine vessel and seat of power is first in importance for Yoni Healing to be effective. This includes the important conservation of Shakti energy, which demands that women not have sex with men outside of a loving friendship with men they know and with whom there is already a foundational relationship of mutual respect and consideration to build upon.

• Those of us raised in the Western world have the additional work ahead of us, which entails cleaning out our Yoni with the junk accumulated from previous sexual interactions. We must purify our body, mind, and spirit to regain our Sovereign Shakti-Yoni-Power. Only then are we able to step into our important role of creating an environment for soul growth. WE ARE THE ENVIRONMENT!!!

• Para-Tan-Yoni-Healing can be effectively applied as a natural, pleasurable treatment for infertility. Sound-Healing on the Yoni strengthens all the main organs of childbearing: The uterus (womb), fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix, vagina, all of the connective tissues, and the pelvic basin.

• Yoni Healing is ideal for women who have either been sexually or emotionally abused. We guarantee to help you help yourself heal from past pain. Para-Tan-Yoni-Healing clears the physically manifested emotional traumas which become lodged in your cell receptor sites as memory. When left untreated these frequently manifest in the body as illnesses such as tumors, breast cancer, chronic fatigue, depression and menstrual disorders.

The Yoni and Spiritual Development

• Both men and women benefit from Yoni worship. It is an honoring and active participation in the dance between cosmic complementary polarities.

• Para-Tan activates the nadis which form the energy body of Mt.Meru, the internal universe of our Shri Chakra. Aligning our thoughts with our soul helps maintain their openness, thus the capacity to flow with Shakti.

• When males and females regain their divinity by understanding our respective roles in relating with each other and the universe as men and women, we have the power to change the world together.


Para-Tan Sound Healing

Last October:

The Universe did, most auspisiously bless the Ormes Temple with the presence of Shri Param Eswaran, Father of Para-Tan. This, most humble true and authentic Tantra Master, Father of Para-Tan, made the time in his schedule to visit the DC area and pour his blessings of the Divine Mother Goddess Nature of Spiritual Energy upon those who would have it.

Everyone has responded with reports of being uplifted on all levels. Some of us were physically healed, and undeniably so. Krystan herself, suffering from tumors on her spinal nerves, was released from all back pain, and continues to be so released. She has suffered daily for over 10 years. Everyone has reported facing the days with a sense of newness, a fresh freedom, revitalized, made new!
In Tantra, the goddess element represents the energy/spirit or motion. When you consider the whole of the same, "whole and complete" even in its infinitely expansive state of being, is what we are accustomed to referring to as the "Holy" Spirit. This is the goddess element of the Divine Mother, existing with in the all and all ONE.
Each of us, man and woman, have the goddess element. It is the energy/spirit/motion that brings us into a physical experience, when it is united with consciousness/light, or the god element. These are the two out of which all things come through creation into manifestation. The ancient sacred scripts have stated: "First there was ONE, within existed TWO, out of which came MANY."  The god/goddess elements are the two existing within the ONE, out of which many are created in the physical world, that is the expression of the whole, (or Holy) Consciousness/Light, the god element and the whole (or Holy) Energy/Sound/Spirit, the goddess element. When goddess moves to join and enliven with god essence of consciousness, their joint expression is made manifest in physical form. That is what is meant that all is created through "Love." Creation is the manifestation or birth resulting from "Divine Love." This  is spoken of in the Trinity. Those of us with Christain upbrinings are taught about. The Father, (Light/consciousness) The Holy Spirit, (Sound/Spirit or Energy) and the "Son," the physical manifestation of the two. It is also spoken of in the book of John, "In the beginning their was the Word, (Sound/Spirit/Energy) and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. All that was made was made by the Word...."  This exemplifies that consciousness must have energy, spirit or motion to "BE." Together, entertwined, they manifest of themselves into the world of "Form."  Each of us is a portion of that manifested consciousness and energy. When we allow ourselves to become aware of the god and goddess elements that make us up, we move beyond the false state of identity, or ego, which is a mere illusionary and temporal manifestation of our neuro-net, the cellular memories stored in the body. Because most of us have suffered mis-information or lack of information and trauma, we have distortion on this level of our being. This distortion colors the consciousness and the energy that manifests the continued renewel of our body's cells. States of dibelitation do not have to occur as we pass through the cycles of our life times. Because we have been conditioned to cling to only one small fragment of our years in the body, from the teens to mid thirties, we fear moving into the golden and platinum years that follow. We even spend our childhood years just wishing we were in our teens or early adult years. While these are wonderful years, in which our life energy reproduces life as replicated images of our own beings, there is beauty to be witnessed in the years that follow as well. We are further programmed to expect physical breakdowns as we enter into these years. How many ads a day do we take in that sell us on the needs for medications to counter act these breakdowns? We've been seeing these types of messages all of our lives. Even our parents before us were conditioned the same way, and their information is passed down to us, down through the generations, through the DNA, which then affects our neuro-net and cellular memory, straight from birth. Yet there is something deeper that can correct these errors by supersceeding them, when we tap into it. This is the Shushumna Channels, which carries the energies of life, the goddess element, and the chakras that blossom from it, that opens the awareness to the consciousness that is represented in form, the god element.
In the early stages of Tantra we, at Ormes Temple, have work with BIF, Breath Intention and Focus to help release, unclutch or fore-give the distortion that besets us with suffering on all levels of our life experience. What Shri Paramgi has introduced is a powerful technique that will speed this process up greatly! The sounds inputted into the body are Mantras that call forth the goddess energy within, to deliver the distortion up to be released, allowing your true state of Divine Consciousness to surface. This is a quickening process on the Tantra path of enlightenement. It is easy to learn, and highly effective. Shri Param Eswaran spent much extra time with Krystan to assure that she has the ability to pass this technique on to others. She has diligently put her time, and her heart, mind, body, soul and spirit into acquiring this gift to pass on to those of you who desire liberation in the form of total realization of your god/goddess essence in the God within you, that which is responsible for your physical manifestation, (Your Vessle), the continued renewing or revitalising of your physical form, and the ability to manifest into your life the experiences you truly desire, devoid the distortion.
Once the distortion and traumas are released, you have a clear path for the goddess energies to surge through the chakras, thus feeding your vessle with pure LIFE ENERGY, (The goddess essence of the Divine Mother, otherwise known as the Holy Spirit, or the Word, by which all things are made.) As this LIFE ENERGY surges through the chakras your awareness opens to you true Divine God Consciousness, (the Light, awareness, intelligence, all knowing.) You are able to preceive what is resently noted as "downloaded information" as you become aware of your connection, or entanglement, (as quantum mechanics puts it) to the Quantum Field of All Consciousness. This is a great jump in evolving. What you are actualizing is a return to an open awareness of who and what you are, and all the empowerment that holds. You can understand why it is important to clear and develop the chakras from the root up. Empowering the upper world chakras while leaving the lower worlds in the turmoil of distortion and trauma could be quite dangerous. Guidance is required for most upon this journey. The Ormes Temple offers that.
For those of you who are interested in learning more about this Para-Tan Mantra/Sound Vibrational healing and empowerment technique, the Ormes Temple will be holding circles at least twice a month. These circles will consist of a number of us who have learned this technique, and have worked diligently to develope it, so that we can pass it on to you. As always, the frequencies are lifted and amplified in group activities. We encourage you to attend. Please be sure you are on our mailing list, so that you may be notified when these groups begin.
At present, Krystan is offering Para-Tan Mantra/Sound Vibrational healing and empowering in private sessions, as well as in workshops for those who are interested. If you'd like to sponsor a workshop, this can be done with at least 6 people. Please contact Krystan to work out the details. She is, as always, here for you.


Erra, Carl, (The Crystal King) and Barry. Three of the the Ormes Temple members working diligently to bring the phenomenal Tantra Mantra/Sound Vibrationa Healing and Empowering Technique to you for your benefit as you travel the Tantra Path towards Enlightenment.


We, at Ormes Temple, continously give thanks, love and light for the blessings this incredibly beautiful and humble Enlightened Master has bestowed up on us. We are infinitey blessed by his presence and Divine Love. Thank  You Shri Paramgi. Love and Light to You and all of your family. 


Please contact us here, with your email questions, comments, or requests.

CLICK HERE: To see the video and hear the Mantra/Sound Vibration delivered by this enlightened Master himself, Shri Param Eswaran. Allow the Mantras to vibrate through you as you listen through headphones, affecting both hemispheres of the brain. Done repeatedly, you will experience the wonderous results of the tantra goddess awakenings withing you. (The "goddesses" are divine attributes of "energy" that when awakened in you are both healing and empowering on all levels of your being. This is a powerful Tantric Application the Ormes Temple includes for your benefits along the Tantra Yoga Path of Enlightenment. Happy Awakenings. With every moment may you experience life with the rhythm of a grateful heart.

To join into Shri Param Eswaran's Para Tan Healing Social Network on Ning: Click Here


Shri Paramgi & Carl Coleman: Carl generously devoted his time and efforts to assist in hosting. He is known as the "Crystal King." Not only does he mine many of his own crystals, he customizes the stones into his handmade jewelry fashioning, choosing the stones to fit their new owners according to their personal frequencies and conditions calling for healing and (or) empowerment. Watch for his presentation on the OT site soon.

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Chakranew7.jpg Ormes Temple is presently forming groups to learn and share in the Para-Tan Mantra/Sound Vibrational Therapy as taught by Shri Param Eswaran.
The groups will be free of charge. Your donations will be appreciated, in assisting in the costs incurred in hosting the groups, but at particular suggestion is being made at this time. 
Groups will meet on Saturdays, to be arranged. Please feel free to contact us, and let us know what times best suit you, and what part of the DC metropolitan your in. We will be considering your input in our planning. Groups shall begin in August.
This is for YOU, so do not hesitate to let your voice be heard!
Remember: Ormes Temple is a NonProfit organization, your donations including expenses related to gifts of articles and substances donated are tax deductable.
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From another voice in the greater ONE:

I AM singing, "Om Shanti, Shanti OM
there is only ONE
of us HERE,
there is only ONE of us,
we are ONE, all of us
and we are HOME,
Om Shanti, Shanti OM,
we are One, all of
and we are HOME.
Om Shanti, Shanti, OM Shanti
By: MaKrystan, the Trybal Queen


Shri Paran Eswaran, who brought  Authentic Yantra/Mantra teachings through "Para Tan"  to the DC Area, has followed with "Tantra Massage" a comprehensive workshop, here again, through the Ormes Temple;

A Significant Tantra Practice   

Shri Param Eswaran: Authentic Tantra Master, Australian born, living many years in Southern India.  Shri Param Eswaran advocates the use of Yantras and Mantras in order to be practicing true Tantra. This is based on the idea that sound has a consiousness to its vibration, and is thus demonstrating the two in one concept, so vital to the Tantric understanding, (It requires the two opposite compliments, Shiva and Shakti, Goddess and God, Positive and Negative, Electric and Magnetic, Giver and Reciever in order to process the state of creative manifestation we know as LIFE:

Thus Shri Param teaches the "Living Goddess" Tradition to help us to discover our own inner Divinity by tapping into and activating a living relationship with the 10 wisdom goddess, (conscious attributes) present within us.

Utilizing the mantra vibrational sounds of the powerful Sanskrit Language is Para-Tan: Sanskrit, like Khemetic MtrMtr is considered Sacred Living Word, in such that these sounds evoke the beauty of Life in form, augmenting the beauty, health and wealth of our life experience.


We at the Ormes Temple carry his teaching forward, with continued learning and practice circles, now including both the teachings and practices of Para Tan and Tantra Massage. Be sure to join us.

For more information on when and where, please contact MaKrystan at 703-915-9178 or through


Take the time to learn from Shri Param Eswaran through his tapings of his last intensive workshop done in Italy last winter. 

Link into his series of video productions here:

Click Here to learn more about the upcoming Tantra Massage Workshop to be held November 4th through 6th

Shri Param blessed the Ormes Temple with his teachings last year. We have continued in the practice, and we have grown. We look forward to his return and ongoing guidance and breakthrough blessings.

Ormes Temple is offering workshops and healing circles TBA near the end of this summer: Para-Tan will be included in both of these. Please be sure to send a request to be kept abreast of this development:  Take your Tantric Experience to New HEIGHTS!

Send you request to Or Call: 703-915-9178

Click the link below to get a more indepth understanding of what "Goddess Worship" really is. Remember, each of us has both goddess and god element within our form. These two is how form comes to be. Form is an expression of consciousness, brought into life by life energy or spirit. Consciousness represents the god element and spirit/energy represents the goddess element. These two together produce the third, form.

Worshiping, or giving expressed focus and attention with love and devotion brings us in touch with that which is worshipped, activating its presence in our life experience. Worship is a Bhakti Yoga, focused devotion. That which we devote ourselves to, undoubtably grows in its expression in our lives. Such is the power of Love!


Click Here: Art of Conscious Love : Goddess Worship

Shri Param Eswaran Returned, November 5th through the 7th and Blessed The Ormes Temple  Trybe
Presenting an Intensive comprehensive workshop in Tantra Massage and Paran Tan Mantra/SoundVibrational Healing and Empowerment
here in the Washington DC area!
17 of us claimed the opportunity to be in the presence of this profound Vedic Tantra Teacher, reviving the living goddess relationship from within each of us.
It was indeed a profound experience for each of us. We listened as he spoke so eloquently about the living goddess tradition. He then taught and applied the deep vibrational technique of Para Tan, interrupting our old established patterns in our bodies' physiology and bringing emotions up to our awareness level to be embraced and released. Truly, Fore-giving is a powerful healer! 
He then went on to teach, demonstrate and set us to our own practical experience of giving and receiving the profound touch empowered by the goddess presence of divine love in each of us. 
Now we are here to take it to the next level, practicing and perfecting the teachings and then paying this enlightening love forward out in our families, friends and community. We bring the Light of Divine Love!
Stay tuned in and in touch for the upcoming healing and empowerment circles to follow. We will be expanding on the teachings and practices on a bi-weekly basis. You won't want to miss out.
Even if you were not present for the direct teaching/sharing presence of this profound Yogi Master, we welcome you. We will be holding class circles to share this teaching with you. All that is needed is that you
Come with an open heart and mind, blanket and sheet.  
 contact MaKrystan today for more information. 703-915-9178 or
FEEL THE POWER:  Shri Param Eswaran has instilled wisdom and power of Para-Tan Mantra/Sound teachings along with the power of touch in authentic Tantra Massage practices. He has taken us deep within and put us in touch with the goddess energy of Divine Love and perfect wisdom. He has guided our connection of the Divine Goddess within each of us to the Divine Consciousness of the god within each of us. These two together then express the most profound and effective touch one can produce. Erotic, Exotic, healing, calming, empowering;  Healing the distortion of past traumas and misinformation and discovering the freedom of your own goddess presence in the power of your touch. Take love/intimacy in you and in your relationships to new heights.  *

Shri Param Eswaran will be returning to the Ormes Temple Trybe in the spring of 2011! TBA
Be sure to stay tuned. Get on our mailing list
Contact MaKrystan today at 703-915-9178 or
This is the origin of the trinity concept; Father/Light/Conscious Intelligence + Mother/Holy Spirit/Sound Vibration/Life Energy=Son/Expression of the previous two in "Form"
it is also represented in the concept of the six pointed star; "As it is above so it is below, within and without, in heaven and in earth, in the unseen as in the seen.)
The First Tantra journey is within self. This is the true understanding of Maithuna. It sheds light on the practicality of courtship. Take your time young lovers. The connection of love energy is empowered when first accomplished on the more subtle levels of being before connecting on the physical level of being.
Because of blatent miseducations and traumas surrounding the violation of this basic principle most of us have some real inner healing to tend to before we can aspire to the heights of such a powerful love exchange.
We, the trybe of the Ormes Temple are dedicated to bringing the light to move upon this darkness and restore the beauty we all so rightfully deserve, within, without, collectively. 
 Men and women alike, get what you need as well as support your Beloved partner. Join us in our circles and prepare yourself to be in the presence of a master when Shri Param Eswaran returns to the DC area;
indeed an auspisious opportunity and is sure to be a life shifting event!!!

Please join us to welcome Shri Param Eswaran back to the DC area: Send us an email through the email form above, with your name and contact email or phone number and simply say:
"I (or We) join with you, at Ormes Temple to welcome Shri Param Eswaran back to the DC area. If you are thinking of, or intending to attend his phenomenal workshops, feel free to let us know that, as well.
We thank you for your support. True Focused Intention is the energy of manifestation.