The World Of Womb Shamans & Mama Diva Tonya

mamatonyalive.jpgOrmes Temple supplies a brief glimpse into the site: "WombShamans," stricktly for womb-men, SiStars, Goddesses!
This site is founded and hosted by Diva Mama Tonya, wise with knowledge, experience and love. We, at the Ormes
Temple honor her and support her efforts. We hope that you will consider subscribing to her site, if you are  womb-
man. If you are  man, we hope you will recommend her site to the women in your life, that they may find their
goddess supported with loving wisdom from Mama Diva Tonya and all the wonderful SiStar Goddesses that come
together for healing, empowerment, and sharing of like interests.
* Meditation "I am Womb"

goddesswind.jpgIn the words of Dr. Diva Mama Tonya: "There's a time for women to gather together, and a time for men to gather together, and a time for men and women to gather together. Womb Shamans is a time and place for women to gather together. Let the women gather." 

Wise Blood 2007
by Tonya K. Freemanafricangoddess.jpg

Flowing in and throughout
My body
My sacred blood no longer flows forth
From my womb
But cycles back around within this
Sacred vessel that I AM

This blood called wise
Speaks to me, through me
Always and forever as I live

Sacred wise blood
I hear you
Coursing through my body
I N as in Inpowering me
With every beat of my heart

My cycle, sacred cycle
It begins, it ends

I feel the flush in my face
My heat rises
Awakening the kundalini up my spine

I feel the flash in my face
My heat rises
Burning off those things that no longer serve me
Night sweats, my personal sweat lodge
Cleansing me
That I may attain my highest good

Heat rises up my spine
May I know that I AM Divine

Heat rises naturally
No practice, no teachings
It is just me

To share with you a little something
That you may or may not know
It is said that there are men
Who practice for years
That they might know
What we know as a cycle, the menopause cycle
A cycle of woman
A cycle of life

My kundalini rises up my spine
The rainbow serpent awakens
A power most divine

Shedding my skin
Renewing my soul
I awaken, I awaken and I behold

The beauty, the spirit and the power of my menopause
My pause from men meaning moon.

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Listen, as Mama Diva Tonya relates through this beautiful presentation, The Mythic Call: The Dawning of our New Age of Awakening of Planetary Truth with the assistance of the Goddess Presence Gyia of our Planet Earth :

A valiant encouragement to those of us who have chosen to be raptured in this New Birth of Transcending Love.

Womb-Manifestation, SiStars, Goddesses, connect with Diva Mama Tonya, Womb Shaman at  Men, share this site with the womb-men in your lives!

The sex education I received was anything but Sacred and Divine.  For years I was ashamed of my menstrual cycle. I was so ashamed that I couldn't even say the word, "Tampons."  I would hide away, not for my own Sacred Union, but for shame and shame alone! I was afraid to tell my lover I was on my cycle. I felt it was filthy. Ofcoarse, that meant I was filthy. No womb-man should have to grow up with such grotesque images of her Sacred and Divine Holy Blood. These issues cause distortions on the conscious level, aware nor not. Then we wonder why we suffer from cramps, fibroids and a wide array of feminine challenges. The Ormes Temple dedicates its funding and research to seek out the best of sacred sex educators. While some of Mama Tonya's teachings may be difficult to grasp, at first, as they are far to the left of conventional mis-education, they deserve your attention and careful consideration. Look deep within, and follow your intuition. You can trust it! If it fits, wear it. If it does not, that's okay too. We ask that you approach her teachings with an open mind and heart. Then, do what you feel is best with the information. Your path is, ultimately, personal to your own being. You are unfolding in absolute perfection in an ultimate process of which time and space hold little relevance. You are, after all, infinite and eternal. It is the lessons that matter the most, not how long it takes to get them. Ofcoarse, if you are clicking, then it is time!
Be Ever One-D'er-Full!
A word from the Trybal Queen, MaKrystan
See more of Mama Tonya at  an exclusive site for womb-men only!

Yes, Dance, and keep your womb energy flowing, with love and with gratitude, empowering your goddess energy with god consciousness. Without your energy, consciousness can not "Be," For "Being" by virtue of the language, is a verb, implying energy. it implies motion. The Quantum Physicicians will tell you, all material manifestations in our Universe are nothing more than energy, vibrating, (the goddess element) at a certain rate of speed, with magnetic quality, (also of the goddess element.)  As we move the energy, the goddess element within, we stimulate the opening of consciousness, (the god element, the opposite compliment.) We our consciousness with Divine Love. Learning to love our blood is the consciousness that makes it so very healing. Both learning and loving are goddess attributes, as are all motions. Loving, is living overcoming the distortion that mis-education, lack of education and trauma has left in our consciousness. Only the goddess element can "do." Your body is a manifestation of consciousness which can only "be" by the goddess element of spirit, energy or motion, that "brings" it into "being." Both "brings" and "being" are words of the goddess element. They denote movement.  Bringing your manifestation, you vessle into being with Divine Love makes your vessle whole and complete, or "holy."  Thus is your manifested physical form, your body, your temple, your vessle, your grail made whole and complete, or "Holy" as in "Holy Grail." By nature of your womb, you are that which brings life into "being." You are the nourisher of life and the destroyer of all that comes against life. This power runs through your blood, as it is filled with Divine Pranic Energy, infinitely supplied through the Divine Mother of the Quantum Feild, or Universe, or better yet, "Yoniverse." Discover your true "Self" and shine in your power and glory!  


 Are You Ready For Love:

By Dive Mama Tonya the Sensual Womb Shaman1oshun.jpg

Love. We all want it. We seek to be loved and to be lovable. We want to experience this wonderful feeling of loving kindness, compassion, unconditional love, loyalty, attention, devotion, thoughtfulness, romance and then some.

How do you get this kind of love in your life? By holding out…waiting for the King to treat the Queen, as a Queen and nothing less. But first, one must know that she is royalty, deserving of the best.

Too many women compromise when it comes to love. This does not make for a great relationship. Being evenly yoked, so to speak, is the best kind of relationship. Your innermost authentic self says that you want a man who is going to give to you - emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. To have a lover that takes time to know your likes and dislikes, because he observes you and your response to things.

Are you ready to really be in love in such a way, that it feels good all over? If your answer is yes, then don’t rush in where fools fear to tread. It’s not worth it.

Your spirit wants to be treated as a Goddess, not worshiped but adored. Go ahead and let him show you how much he loves you, in no uncertain terms. Allow him to open the door for you, carry the heavy packages, give you gifts of love and affection, draw your bath, write poetry, and maybe even sing you a love song or two.

When you acknowledge that you are a Sacred Woman, then the man that is for you, will also acknowledge that Divine Feminine, and he will know that he is blessed by your love.

Words of Wisdom from the Sensual Womb Shaman!